Ugandan Man Burns Himself to Death After Wife Jilts Him

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Self-Immolation for Wife? Ugandan Man Must Have Been Enjoying Some Prime Pussy

A Ugandan man burnt himself to death after his wife with whom he has stayed for 7 years jilted him.

Thomas Luyima,45, a resident of the central Uganda district of Lwengo reportedly quarreled with his wife after he came back home drunk.

According to his neighbor, Philip Kalule, Luyima’s wife Esther Namayo blamed her husband for coming home highly intoxicated without having left some cash for groceries.

Instead of explaining why he had not done so Thomas became highly defensive and abusive. When she responded he gave her a thorough beating.

The following morning, Namayo fled with her three children to her parents’ home, approximately 3 miles away.

When Luyima learned that his wife had gone to her parents’ place, he bought 5 liters of petrol in a jerrycan that evening. At night, he walked to his in-laws’ home.

Kalule said that on arrival at his wife’s parents’ home at around 9.30 PM Luyima poured some oil on himself and began pouring it all over the in-laws’ house.

Ugandan Man on fire
Ugandan Man on fire after wife jilts him

Those inside the house smelt the petrol and immediately they came out of the house and saw Luyima preparing to set fire to the house. They raised alarm but as he fled he lit a match and his clothes caught fire burning him to death.

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