Jilted Man In Uganda Commits Suicide in In-laws House

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Ugandan Man Commits Suicide In in-law’s House

A 37 yr old man shocked the village and the country at large when he committed suicide in his in-law’s house.

Pascal Mujaga, a resident of Kigaya village in the central Uganda district of Mubende reportedly got into a misunderstanding with his wife with whom he has 4 children.

According to his closest friend and neighbor, Dismus Bugire, Mujaga’s wife Hellen Nanozi had always complained about her husband over drinking and not catering adequately for the family.

He said that after the wife complained to Mujaga for some time and he did not change his drinking habit she decided to abandon him and she went to her parent’s home which is about 15 km away from Mujaga’s home.

Bugire said that Mujaga told him about his wife running away with the children to her parents’ home and he requested him to escort him there and request his wife to return home.

He said that on reaching Mujaga’s wife’s parents’ home they were welcomed by his wife’s parents and later a meeting was held with the intention of reconciling the couple.

Mujaga requested the wife to go back with him promising to stop drinking but Nanozi refused saying she had suffered enough while with him.

The parents tried to convince Nanozi to go back with her husband but she said she was not ready to do so.

Bugire said that the family of Nanozi was of rich people and even their self-contained house was the best in the district. They had held the meeting inside the house in the seating room.

Mujaga asked one of his brothers-in-law where the toilet was because he wanted to urinate. He was shown where the toilet was inside the house.

But when he went to the toilet, he did not come back. They waited for about 30 minutes and when he did not come back his wife went to check what had gone amiss.


She sounded an alarm when she found that he had committed suicide by hanging himself using his belt.

Police were called and his body was taken to the hospital for postmortem. Villagers and Ugandans at large were shocked by Mujaga’s act.

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