How a broke man can snag a chic

5 Things Broke Men Must Do To Attract Hot Women

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How Broke Men Can Attract Hot Chics

A new study by Swansea University shows that women are more attracted to wealthy men than men with an average income. After studying 1.8 million dating profiles researchers found out that men with high incomes and great jobs are more likely to attract women.

Muscular man holding hot chic
Muscular man holding hot chic

However, a number of women still choose to stick around broke husbands and boyfriends. Such men are more likely to satisfy their women in bed. This is according to Local sexologist and author Kagiso Bareki who has cautioned successful men to up their game in bed.

Speaking to Midweek Sun, Kagiso asserted that financially endowed men become stressed and often fail to deliver during sexual intercourse.

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Most broke men satisfy their women sexually
Most broke men satisfy their women sexually

He said, “On several occasions, female clients reaching out for relationship assistance often say their broke boyfriends satisfy them in bed, compared to those who are financially stable. They will ask about what they need to do about the financially stable ones who hardly last five minutes in bed,”

Apart from ensuring that their women are sexually satisfied what else must broke men do to attract fine-looking women and keep them by their side?

Work On Their Confidence

Being broke can be depressing to most people. Portraying confidence is an attractive trait that can help you snag any woman. It doesn’t mean you should be arrogant or boastful rather you should have a quiet sense of self assurance.

Women are attracted to men who are confident
Women are attracted to men who are confident

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Ghanaian media personality Jessica Os says, “Confident men tend to be more assertive and decisive which makes them more effective in social situations, their steps are assured and it doesn’t take them long to make decisions. Confidence is often seen as a sign of competence. When you exude competence, you give off the impression that you are capable, you’re competent which can be very attractive to women.”

Have a Great Sense Of Humour

Having a light-hearted approach to life can make a man appealing. When it comes to social bonding humour helps to build social connections. Sharing a laugh with someone helps you create a sense of closeness. People who share witty remarks or comments come off as intelligent and interesting which makes them attractive to most people.

Become Well-Informed

women are attracted to sharp looking and intelligent men
women are attracted to sharp-looking and intelligent men

A man who is well-read and informed and can engage in conversations is attractive to women. This is because they have intelligence curiosity: the tendency to be more curious to learn new things, a thing that makes them more engaging as they can have stimulating conversations. This may make them more attractive to women who are attracted to intelligent men and who may be looking for someone to settle down with.

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Work On Physical Appearance

Bareki says that men with a low income seem good-looking and sexy to most women since a number of them are less stressed about their careers and much less likely to cheat compared to those who are financially endowed. According to research by a relationship expert, Arriana Jeret, men with a low-income salary focus on a better quality of life that includes fantastic sex.

Be Creative

man and woman on a cheap picnic
Man and woman on a cheap picnic

From buying expensive gifts to taking a woman out on dates, dating can be so expensive. You don’t always need to have a lot of money for you to date a beautiful woman. All you need to do is rack your brains on how you can come up with a simple and creative date that may not milk your pockets dry yet excite her. You can plan a picnic, go hiking or even take a walk on the beach.

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