Rwandan escorts flock Kampala to offer Kachabali and men are loving it. (kidato forums)

Rwandan escorts flock Kampala to offer Kachabali and men are loving it

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Rwandan Kachabali flock Kampala

Ugandan avid sex consumers are set for a big treat after over 50 sex workers from Rwanda crossed the border to serve them hot Kachabali sex.

The Rwandan sex workers have camped at Kabalagala, a suburb of Uganda’s capital Kampala.

They all reportedly openly boasted how they are Kachabali experts endowed with a lot of sex waters.

Welcome to Kabalagala

Kabalagala is a trading center located near Kampala international university with many bars and brothels. Before Covid-19 struck the country and the world at large, it used to attract pensioners from Europe and USA.

However, when COVID-19 hit, most of the brothels and bars closed down and the sex workers were forced to go back to their villages. With the lockdown eased, sex workers have started returning back to Kabalagala.

”The situation in Kabalagala is normalizing. People are returning to their businesses among those who have resumed work are the sex workers.” said one of the local council leaders in the area, Shaban Kizza.

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Enter Rwandan sex workers

In the past few days a group of about 50 Rwandan sex workers have come to the center and rented rooms in a brothel from where they offer their Kachabali services.

”When they are in bars near the brothel they openly boast that they are Kachabali experts which has made many men eager to sleep with them and indeed many men go for them,” said Kizza.

Most of the men who have slept with those women have come out to testify that indeed the Rwandan women are endowed with sex waters.

“Surely those women are sexually sweet. They have a lot of water down there. Their water even splashed up to my mouth as I played Kacabali with one of them.” said Paul Kalende who claims to have slept with at least two of those Rwandan sex workers.


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