Ugandan men are eagerly awaiting for Afghan refugee girls fleeing Taliban

Ugandan men are eagerly awaiting for Afghan refugee girls fleeing Taliban

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Ugandan men are salivating for Afghan girls

Ugandan men are eagerly awaiting Afghan refugee girls fleeing the Taliban who have taken power.

This comes after news emerged that Uganda is set to host 2000 refugees from Afghanistan. This is after the United States of America requested Uganda to host some of the fleeing Afghanistan refugees and the government agreed.

According to the minister of state for refugees in Uganda the 2000 refugees would be arriving in the country in batches of 500.

Ugandan men go wild in celebration

Ugandan men eagerly awaiting for Afghan refugee girls fleeing Taliban. (VOA)
A girl looks on among Afghan women lining up to receive relief assistance, during the holy month of Ramadan in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, June 11, 2017. REUTERS/Parwiz – RTS16JM5

Immediately local FM radios aired the news that Afghanistan refugees are coming to Uganda men started celebrating saying that they are soon to get beautiful girls and women from Afghanistan to love.

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One of the leading televisions stations in the country, Bukedde, ran a feature story where several men were interviewed on the issue. 17 out of the 20 men interviewed said they were happy about the coming of Afgan refugees and they are eagerly waiting for them.

Ugandan women are materialistic

Among those interviewed were, Isaac Luutu, 23, who said he can’t wait to hook up with an Afgan girl,

“I am tired of Ugandan women. They are very money-hungry and materialistic. I am eagerly waiting for the Afghan girls. I will make sure that I get one for myself.”

Samuel Kisitu, 30, added that Afghan girls are very beautiful and he will definitely pull his best move to win one.

Not everyone is a fan of Afgan girls however, Thomas Were, 40, is one of them. He said there is nothing new about Afghan women.

”Uganda has very many beautiful women. I am not interested in Afghan women.


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