Ugandan women now fear Kachabali makes their cunts as wide as a basin

Ugandan women now fear Kachabali makes their cunts as wide as a basin

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Cons of Playing Kachabali

While Kachabali sex style is revered much by many men and women in Uganda and neighboring countries, there is also a reasonable number of women who hate it.

Those who hate it say that it makes their cunts as wide as a basin.

According to one of of Kachabali haters, Harriet Namala, a 30-year old woman from western Uganda where Kachabali style is popular, if one is fucked using kachabali style often her vagina becomes very wide.

”Kachabali is a very exciting sex style. It makes a woman reach orgasm several times especially if a man knows how to play it properly but it spoils the vagina if overdone.” cautioned Namala.

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Namala said that the way the men hit the vagina hard with their penis, makes it becomes wide.

”If a married woman, for example is fucked using kachabali styles even if she sleeps with her husband the next day, he will observe that she had been fucked because of the wideness of the vagina.” said Namala.

Namala adds that overtime a woman who has constantly been fucked by kachabali style loses sex interest and even men are no longer interested in fucking her because her vagina is just too wide to enjoy.

Dennis Waibale, who claims to be good at playing kachabli said that kachabali is very good if played daily with a woman between  20 and 30 years but beyond that age the women lose sex sensitivity and even become very wide underneath.

He said that is why most women from central Uganda do not want to be fucked using kachabali style, a sentiment echoed by Winnie Samanya.

”I can allow a man to fuck me using kachabali style because I do not want my private parts to lose their elasticity.”


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