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Congolese Escorts Flock Into Uganda

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Ugandan Men Excited After the Return of Congolese Escorts in Uganda

A group of 100 young Congolese escorts have been brought to Uganda to work as sex workers.

The Congolese women were brought to Uganda in two buses which entered Uganda through the Bunagana border post. They were reportedly brought by a Congolese agent called Simon Mukere.

In an interview, Mukere said that he deals in connecting women to brothels. He said he has been doing that work for about 4 years and this is not the first time for sex workers being brought from DR Congo to Uganda.

He said that he collected the 100  sex workers from the eastern DR Congo provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu, and Ituri. He said that there are many women who are eager to come and work as sex workers in Uganda.

congolese escorts

He said some sex workers in DR Congo are eager to go and work in Kenya because they get stories that their trade pays big in Kenya.

One of the sex workers from DR Congo, Winnie Namali said that she has always longed to come and work as a sex worker in Uganda because she got information that those who do that work in Uganda get well paid.

She said that she has been connected to a brothel in Kampala’s outskirts of Bweyogerere and her colleagues have been sent to different brothels in other parts of the city.

A brothel owner in Kampala’s outskirt of Bwaise, who requested that his name be withheld, said that the coming of the Congolese sex workers has boosted his business. He said many men are eager to Actualize their fantasy of fucking Exotic Congolese women.

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