Rwandan Escorts set up a brothel with over 70 rooms near Kampala

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Rwandan escorts set up a brothel in Uganda

Over 150 sex workers from Rwanda have established a base in the outskirts of Kampala. Their base is located at Buwate trading center about 4 Miles from Kampala.

According to one of their leaders, Jolly Kaisiki, they resolved to establish the base from where they can stay as they plan their programmes.

”At Buwate we have a big brothel with over 70 rooms. Apart from the rooms there is also a big room in which can accommodate over 50 people.” she said.

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Asked why they have decided to establish their own place, she said that they needed such a place to safely accommodate Rwandan sex workers especially those who are new in Uganda.

” We felt that we needed our own place because on many occasions when we work in the same place with our Ugandan counterparts,  we end up clashing with one another.” Kaisiki said.

She said that apart from some of them operating from the base, others use it to make plans of moving to different parts of Uganda.

She said that some of them who operate from different parts of Kampala stay at that base, go and work and come back and spend the nights there.

She said each one of them contribute some money towards paying rent for the base.

Rwandan Escorts set up a brothel with over 70 rooms near Kampala 1 3970

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