Married man of God denies ever knowing a lass he had taken as 2nd wife and cohabited for over a year after getting wind of bigamy charges. (Watch Dog Uganda)

Married man of God denies ever knowing a lass he had taken as 2nd wife and cohabited for over a year after getting wind of bigamy charges

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Man of God denies second wife

Who knew a day would come when supposedly men of God would lie blatantly it would put shame the devil?

A Renowned Ugandan pastor has become the talk of the town after publicly denying to ever know a young lass he had cohabited with for over a year and even married after getting wind of bigamy charges on his neck.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, who heads the house of prayer ministries, has come out to deny ever knowing and marrying Susan Makula as his second wife.

The man of God recently visited the home of Susan accompanied by friends for traditional marriage which was aired live on his TV station.

Hell hath no fury than a wife scorned

Teddy Naluswa Bugingo. (Kampala Sun)

Some two months ago, Pastor Bugingo visited Susan Makula’s parents’ home to ask for her hand in marriage and the two held a colorful traditional marriage ceremony shown live on salt TV.

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Susan Makula works on Salt television which is owned by pastor Bugingo. The two love birds have been living together for over a year after the man of God abandoned and left his legally wedded wife cold and gathering cobwebs in her nether regions.

Over my dead body!

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo & Susan Makula. (Watchdog Uganda)

The last guests had not even left the compound and the taste of food was still in their mouths when Pastor Bugingo first wife, Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, rushed to a police station to report the matter accusing her husband of many ills among them bigamy. Bigamy, which means marrying another person while they are still legally married to another, is rare in Ugandan courts. However, under the law, once convicted of bigamy, one is liable to imprisonment of up to five years”

Sensing trouble and big money in the offing a lawyer by the name Male Mabirizi went to court and challenged the marriage. Bugingo was then summoned to defend himself.

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On learning that he has been summoned to appear in court and face bigamy charges Bugingo and his second wife went on a panic mode. At the end of it all, the two ‘guilty’ love birds decided to publicly deny each other.

In his weak defense, Bugingo denied being ever introduced to Susan Makula parents leave alone getting married to her in a colorful traditional wedding aired live on TV. The man of god claimed he simply visited her parents’  home on an invitation to attend a family get-together party.

Reading from the same script Susan Makula has also come out openly and said Bugingo has never been her husband leave alone touch her.

The Court is yet to set date of hearing the case. Wonders will never cease.


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