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Squirting is Not A Female Ejaculate

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Is it Cloud Nine Or Are The Heavens Opening Up?


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Do you know that ejaculation is not only a preserve of men but women as well? Many a time when one talks about ejaculation, the inference is the process by which a male erogenous organ releases, penis for this matter, seminal fluids. The end result of an orgasm, whether from an act of real sex, abstract sex, wet dreams, or masturbation.

Women too, ejaculate, and the only difference is that while male ejaculation comes out like a bullet from a gun, female ejaculation builds up slowly like water in a swamp. Men are able to project and throw their sperm a meter away.

However, when it comes to orgasm, women tend to experience extra erotic phenomena like, squirting and queefing, which are exclusive to them. Now I know you are wondering what the hell is queefing? A queef is a fart-like sound that mostly emanates from a vagina, though some women queef in the anus as well, especially those who do anal sex. Queefs happen when air is pushed into and trapped in the vaginal canal. Certain movements (e.g., sex) can expel the trapped air in a forceful, sometimes audible manner, she adds. Queefs can also happen whether you’re solo or with a partner; when your legs are spread-eagle; or with fingers, toys, or penetration with a penis.

That was an essential digression. The most important topic on our minds is the difference between squirting and female ejaculation. While they both happen during orgasm, neither should be taken to mean the other. In the blog Love Matters, Katya the Sex Therapist sheds light on the difference between female ejaculation and squirting. She says female ejaculate is a liquid expelled from the Skene gland and exits through the urethra. This liquid is normally low volume as compared to the male ejaculate. The Skene gland is a smaller version of the prostate gland found in men. The expelled fluid can be referred to as low volume female ejaculate.

 It was found that women who can ejaculate this way have well-developed Skene glands, and the fluid expelled can sometimes be a combination of urine and skene gland fluid or just urine. The good thing is that this content is odourless, and so you should not be afraid that it may leave a pungent smell on your sheets.

It is not easy to pinpoint which woman squirts and which one doesn’t unless you have had a chance with one. Research has shown that not all women can squirt, and if you find one, it’s like you have opened the box with the money in a game of puzzles and intricacies. Well, if you have never had that encounter, visit Exotic Angola and find a list of really good female squirters.


Some other important facts about squirting:


#1. It may be an orgasm enhancer in some women

It can be very similar to the adrenaline they feel in the urethra when they are ejaculating and having an orgasm.

#2. You Can Do It Yourself (Here’s How!)

This angle between the urethra and the bladder is like a twisted hoof when the bladder becomes full. When you want to let go of it, you tighten the muscles and it contracts like a balloon – and it opens that twisted hull, and then you can pee. This is why when you push the G-spot and a woman is not aroused, she feels like she needs to pee and it can be very uncomfortable.

#3. It’s possible that you did it without knowing

For a lot of women, squirting is involuntary. It can often get lost because most women have other lubrication going on at the same time. If you think about what might be happening when a woman approaches orgasm, the ejaculate can very easily get mixed in with natural lube or artificial lube that is being used.

#4. It attracts tremendous admiration from men

Men feel they have conquered when a woman squirts, perhaps the reason why Kachabali is so famous in Uganda. No man wants an experience in which he feels that his actions have been null and void.


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