How To Steal Your Colleague’s Wife In 3 Easy Steps (Hint: It Involves Being The Best Man)

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{UG} This Best Man Had A Secret Affair With His Colleague’s Wife And It Was Exposed In The Worst Way Possible

A man whose friend was the best man at his wedding ceremony is living in agony after his wife eloped with the best man.
Stanley Mukwaya, a taxi driver in the central Uganda district of Wakiso recently wed his wife, Night Nalule in St Andrews Church after going through all the formalities of introduction at the bride’s parents’ home. His long-time friend, John Kiiza who lives in another district was his best man.
Just a few weeks after the marriage Nalule disappeared from home leaving Mukwaya confused. He tried to look for her at her parents’ home and her relatives’ places but could not find her.
He was shocked when he got information from a fellow taxi driver that his wife was going to introduce John Kiiza before her parents.
He attempted to know where the ceremony was going to take place in advance so he made efforts to stop it but failed to do so. The ceremony did not take place at the woman’s parents’ home.
However, on Saturday afternoon he got information that the ceremony was taking place at one of the woman’s aunt’s home located in Mityana district,60 km away from Kampala.
Mukwaya rushed with a few of his friends to Mityana and when they reached the home where the ceremony was taking place they tried to disrupt the function but the relatives of the woman and villagers arrested them and beat them seriously. They were saved by the police who were called by the village chairman and bundled them in a police pickup and taken to the police station.
Since they had sustained injuries, they were later taken to the hospital for treatment.

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