How to make your partner feel appreciated without spending a dime 1

How to make your partner feel appreciated without spending a dime

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Money is not everything

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines appreciation as an act of recognizing or understanding that something or someone is valuable, important, or indispensable. That is why partners say that they have missed each other even if they have been apart for only thirty minutes or whatever duration you consider too short to say so.

The reason appreciation is part and parcel of a love relationship is because it enhances so much that a partner feels complete with the other person and this is a stimulus for doing better to entrench positivity in the relationship. It creates a good atmosphere for positive vibes.

 Appreciation takes two main forms: 

Through tangible things like ornamental gifts and intangible things like verbal/written expressions, quality time, helping hand, and affirmation.

We have seen from the two above forms that appreciation takes both physical and abstract forms. Therefore, even its ripple effects will surely take the same forms. Especially for a woman, reciprocity is majorly abstract. How? She will be submissive to a fault, and that by itself is a love haven, a kind of offshore where detractors cannot access.

Back to our main topic which is priceless appreciation. Did you know that you do not have to use the money to appreciate your partner? Intangible form of appreciation is the cheapest yet the most underutilized means of spicing up relationships. 

# 1. Verbal/written expressions of appreciation

Tell your partner how beautiful or handsome they are even if the opposite is true to your detractors. Isn’t love in the eyes of the beholder? It is always advisable to find arms that will hold you at your weakest, eyes that will see you at your ugliest, lips that will kiss you in both instances, and a heart that will love your worst. Only then will you have found your true love.

You should also tell your partner how you love him or her. That word, “I love you,” normally melts your partner’s heart. It is a magic wand. You can write a text or make a call. Say how your partner means the world to you.

  • Gratitude. Say thanks to your partner for every effort however little it seems. Be grateful and make it loud and clear. Tell your woman you are grateful for taking care of babies, for cooking for you, for being your woman, for listening to you, for believing in you. Be grateful for just every aspect of your relationship. If you are a woman in the relationship, appreciate him for being faithful, for being the real man he is supposed to be, for being the father to your kids.

# 2. Helping hand

Offer a helping hand whenever possible while you are together in one place or even a part but where your help is needed. You can help your partner run errands on your way back home. Pass by the retail store and do some shopping or pick a parcel destined for your partner. If she/he is doing laundry, look after babies, play with them to allow your partner ample time to complete the chores.

# 3. Spare quality time for your partner

Don’t let so much work override your time to bond. How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company. It said that the most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolates. It is focused attention. Your partner will for real feel valued when all the focus on them.

# 4. Make love in new ways

Spice things up and try switching from your normal routine sex to wild sex. Be open-minded and explore new ways of making love after all there are 69 sexing styles. Does your woman want cunnilingus? Lick her as if she is the only and last drop of honey remaining on this planet. Enjoy her nudity, be her pornstar. As a woman, what style have you not explored or tried? Do some fellatio and gokkun. Do you know what this does to your partner? It makes them feel appreciated as the sweetest thing that ever happened to your life. It is written, that when God sends you a partner you are called to be with…you will know. Your partner will speak not your flesh but your spirit. You will experience something with him or her that you have never experienced before. Will love you in ways that others didn’t.

# 5. Wish your partner good luck and success

An enemy wishes you an evil spell, while a friend wishes you the best of the outcome. A partner who prays for you without fail is part of your heart, they beat and pump blood throughout your body. Sowing the word into your lives every day is the groundwork for a fruitful life. Imagine being with a woman or man who asks God to help him or her love you better?

There are many more ways through which you can appreciate your partner without using money. I have just mentioned a few. You are welcome to give other suggestions.

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