Fatal Love: Jealous ex-soldier hacks to death 64-yr-old lover and her 2 children.

Fatal Love: Jealous ex-soldier hacks to death 64-yr-old lover and her 2 children

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Jealous Rwandan hacks Ugandan lover

Pandemonium ensued in the village of Rwenfunjo in Isingiro district in Central Uganda after an Ex-Rwandan soldier hacked to death his new 64-year-old lover before turning to her two grand children.

The 65-year-old ex-soldier has been identified as Peter Bahama and the woman he killed as Anna Kiryabaho.

Preliminary investigations by police indicate that Bahama was a solider in Rwanda during president Habyarimana’s regime and retired after getting old.

He reportedly came to that village 3 weeks ago and got a job working as a casual laborer on a farm.

He then fell in love with Anna Kiryabaho, who stayed a small distance away from where he worked. Kiryabaho stayed with her son and grand children.

According to one of the villagers, Stephen Abaho, Bahama found his new found lover drinking in a village bar with some men. He thought that at least one of them was too close for comfort and had a thing going with her setting him to a murderous rage.

He later attacked her at her home by hacking her to death with a panga. He also killed two of her grandchildren in the process before locking himself in his hut and setting it ablaze, perishing in the process.

Caleb Mulyuli, the Area police post officer in charge, said that they have opened a case file no CRB349/2021. The police have also given relatives of the deceased permission to bury the dead.


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