Soldier kills colleague over housemaid

Soldier Kills Colleague Over Housemaid

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Desperate Housemaids! Soldier kills Colleague for Pussy

Police in Uganda’s western district of Isingiro are hunting down a soldier after he allegedly killed a fellow soldier.

Area police spokesman, Samson Kasasira, has identified the killer soldier as private James Kamarendi. He is reported to have killed his fellow soldier called private Lawrence Bwire.

Preliminary investigations indicate that they disagreed over who had to fuck the housemaid at the home of the politician they had been deployed to guard.

The two soldiers attached to the 29th battalion were guarding the home of a local politician called Generous Akiki.

Kasasira said that it is alleged that the two soldiers have had a longstanding conflict over the maid working for Akiki.

He said that the maid seemed to be ready to sleep with Bwire instead of Kamarendi, which annoyed him so much that he got his gun and shot Bwire.

After killing his colleague he dropped his gun and fled. Police are now hunting for the killer soldier.

On being interviewed the maid said that both soldiers had ever fucked her but  Bwire fucked her better and that is why she was always ready to sleep with him instead of the killer soldier.

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