The Ultimate Guide to Riding your Sugar Daddy Like a Pro

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One quick thing that most people will be in denial about is that for every sugar daddy, sex matters. For you to keep your daddy happy you need to be naughty enough to satisfy him otherwise you may lose him to a whole different exotic babe who caught his attention and is willing to go the extra mile to give him orgasms whenever he likes.
You should note that some old sugar daddies are weak in bed. As such, your old sugar daddy can’t get it up quickly or keep it up for long. This erectile dysfunction is because blood flow and testosterone levels decrease with a man’s age. Therefore your daddy is likely to make you feel frustrated if you like a lot of vigorous thrusting. Get a young stunna for that.
If lots of sex does not interest you, then you are both lucky since you can spend most of your time exploring and bonding.
It is important to note that if you conform to feminist ideas, you may not be a perfect fit for sex with an old sugar daddy. This is because most old people prefer sex partners who are submissive. So this is likely to impact you heavily if you are looking to explore your sexuality and daddy doesn’t conform to the idea. Here are sex positions you can try:

Cowgirl’s helper position

This position needs less in terms of flexibility. Sit on your sugar daddy with his hips raised to support you and to keep him stuck in you as you ride him. You can face him to give him a proper view of your sexy boobs.  With this position, there’s a bit of control and so you can move up and down and grind on your partner back and forth.

Doggy position

Sugar Daddy

If you are looking to expose your daddy to a  whole operating area, go down on your fours and curve your waist inwards.  That way he can orgasm fast as it gives him a deep area for him to stroke and experience high pleasure as well.

Woman on top

If your daddy is overly big and has a pot belly you can try the woman on top position as you lean back away from his belly. The position makes the fat in his belly fall to his sides and clearly diminish as opposed to when he is on top of you. Lean back towards his feet if you savor clitoral  stimulation against his stomach,
With this pot-bellied daddy, you need to realize that his big belly is likely to lower his testosterone levels and libido as well. If he has health risks like diabetes he is likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Valedictorian position

Lay flat on your back as you fold your legs towards your head bending towards your head and forming a 90 degrees angle at the back of your knee. With this position, maximum area for operation, as well as oral exposure, are guaranteed

Leapfrog position

In this position, you can consider lying flat on your abdomen with both of your hands parallel to each other. This is a relaxed posture for him to do the stroking. This position will give your partner full access to your anus and is suitable for you especially if you are new to anal penetration and you are open to it. Remember to use lots of lube if you are going to walk that dirty road.

Standing missionary

If your daddy is suffering from knee or back pain, consider this sex position since it will not impact any pressure on his back or any weight on his knees. To adapt to this position lean on your back to the edge of your bed as your daddy stands in a perpendicular position to you. Your daddy can thrust your pussy as you offer him a wide view of what he likes.

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