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Behaviors Women Exhibit That are HUGE Red Flags 

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Nim Notty Chronicles: HUGE Red Flags 

Back in campus, I met this cute slim-thick sexy ebony babe and instantly knew what I wanted- to fuck her brains out and keep her coming back for more. I made my move and eventually got my chance. I am no plumber but on that night I definitely laid the pipe. 

Fast forward, Sheila( not her real name), got so possessive and wouldn’t even let me pick up phone calls in private. At first, this was cute and I really loved knowing that she was protective of me, and of course knowing that I could get her jealous really boosted my ego. However, I realized that despite us not having an official relationship, she would go ahead and stalk me on social media. 

Since you clicked on this article, this must have happened to you as well or is something you are currently experiencing. These HUGE red flags pushed me to the point of quitting that relationship. You have a chance to do the same; as soon as you notice these signs: 

Never lets you go out without her 

Going out with your girlfriend should always be fun and cute when you start dating. At this stage, you will feel like you can’t stay away from each other. But, as the relationship grows, you realize that this isn’t healthy. A healthy relationship should have both partners being able to freely enjoy their own time together or apart, with their own friends, and in their own space, without too much trouble. 

Dependant on You to be Happy

Another person’s happiness should never be your responsibility. If a woman expects you to make her happy all the time, needs you to be with her all the time, and can’t enjoy life without you then you are sitting on a timebomb. Find a woman who is content with herself and can enjoy life on her own. That is the kind of woman that can always enjoy the little things in life that make her happy.

Doesn’t trust You

Man, you just got home tired and quite late. Probably it was just some bad traffic. If your girl doesn’t trust you, she will definitely accuse you of some foul play, or cheating. The problem here could be something deeper. It could be that you cheated on her before or just some insecurities that she may have. But if that’s not the case, and she still questions your every move then that is obsessive red-flag behavior.  

Wants to know your friends and family right away

Relationships should progress at a natural pace. If she wants to see your family and friends immediately then this means that she doesn’t have much going on in her life or she just wants to see some commitment from your side. A woman in a healthy relationship has got to have her own friends and family she keeps close. 

Why would she always want to hang out with you and your friends? Why the hurry to meet family? Why try to get approval so quickly? Your woman must never be in a hurry to meet your inner circle. 

Tries to isolate you from friends and family  

Isolating you from your loved ones, for her sake or for the sake of the relationship, is very dangerous. Never let one person be your everything. We are all social beings with an innate desire to connect with people. If she tells you to cut off people you met even before her, and you actually do that, prepare for regret. 

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Stalking on Social Media 

Stalking on social media

The constant urge to keep checking all your moves on social media is unhealthy. Checking them out is normal but going into detail to find out whose pic you liked or what pages you follow is quite obsessive. 

Constant texting and calling

If you are in a healthy relationship, then you should be okay with some space in your life. Constant messages and calls can be a problem if you have a lot going on in your life. It’s alright to check in, but you should never feel obligated or pressured to answer your partner immediately, even though you have a lot of work to handle. 

Telling an obsessive woman that you are at work and cannot pick up her calls at that particular moment will only make her go overboard. She might even call your office line to confirm if you are indeed busy.  


In the end, the decision is yours. Probably you enjoy this obsessive red-flag behavior since you are toxic. But if not, take this as a cue to have a healthier discussion with your woman on some obsessive behavior you no longer want to entertain. 

Be sweet but learn to say no. You can’t always be agreeable. That’s how people take advantage of you. 

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