5 Signs It’s Time To Dump Her

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5 Signs It’s Time To Dump Her

The dating space has become so cutthroat than it has ever been. To have a successful relationship, a man has to not only point out his woman’s flaws but himself as well. You should never overlook her flaws when they are so glaring. As a man, it is easy to get accustomed to accepting so many wrong traits in women, which ultimately leads to disaster. Social programming and influence will blind the modern man through lust and love for a toxic and manipulative woman. 

Here are the 5 signs that you need to break up with her: 

Always Finds a Reason To Argue 

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Evaluate your relationship in this instant. Is your woman always getting on your nerves? This is common nowadays, even in public places. So many men are blinded by their ego and this will make them avoid the fact that he is not compatible with the woman he is with. Walk into public places and you will see couples arguing once in a while. If this gets to the public, imagine how far it goes when they are both indoors. Don’t get to 60 years with a nagging wife. 

She Actively Wants to See You Fail 

When a woman slows down your progress, she is dragging you down to her level. Too many instances when a woman forces a partner to indulge in self-sabotage. You will fall back into old habits and will even quit the gym just to keep her company as you indulge in junk food. If you often find yourself sacrificing your good habits to keep her happy then you will lose yourself. 

Remember that as a man, you must relentlessly hustle through life and find the best version of yourself. 

She Rejects Your Masculinity

Morden feminism has destroyed masculinity to the point a woman cannot allow a man to play the dominant role in a relationship. Never let a woman crush your spirit and make you submissive to her. If you allow yourself to do this, you will never make a single decision with faith. Societal conditioning has turned men into simps to the point a man cannot express himself and grows the need to satisfy his woman’s needs. A high-value masculine man will always find the right balance in the relationship with his woman. 

Never Accountable 

If she would do anything to turn the blame on you, then you are in trouble. She cheats and blames you for it, escaping accountability. Low-quality women will want you to accept the abuse and not hold them accountable. She will throw all sorts of excuses at you and the only solution is to let go

Uses you as a Crutch

In some cases, women become lonely and need validation just to feel important. Validation from the opposite sex is a huge ego boost for such women. If the woman just uses you to cope with her problems and stress then she will be a parasite and will suck your energy. Look at how she interacts with you. If she doesn’t put in the same energy as you in the relationship, then you should walk out. 


Modern feminism is taking away masculinity from men. Women will use you to boost their ego if you are weak enough to let them. Become the dominant man that you are meant to be. 

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