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25 Kids and Only Ten Are His! Ugandan Man Laments After DNA Tests

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DNA Tests Reveal Some Children Did Not Belong to a Tycoon in Kampala

Shocking events as DNA tests reveal 10 out of 26 children are not the biological kids of a tycoon in Uganda.

The tycoon, Kaasa Munola, who deals in real estate told EroticAfrica in an interview that he had 4 wives with 26 children but has come to understand that some of the children are not his.

He said that all along, before the DNA tests, he believed that all the children were his and looked after all the children without any bias.

He said the woman had her own home but recently he got shocked when he went to spend a night with one of his wives only to find that she was not at home. He later got a rumor from one of his neighbors that she was being fucked in a nearby lodge.

He went to the lodge and was shocked to discover his wife was in one of the lodge rooms with another man. He called the police and the woman and the man in the lodge room were forced to open the door and were arrested.

He said that after that incident he decides to take all the children for DNA tests to get assurance that all the children were biologically his.

He however got shocked when the tests revealed that out of the 26 children, only 16 were his.

He has since directed the women to take away all the children who do not belong to him to their biological fathers.

The first wife Brenda Namuddu said that the two children out of 7 who were found by the DNA tests not to be belonging to her husband were conceived when she was raped at two different times.


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