Signs You are dealing with a gold digger

Warning Signs That You Are With A Gold Digger

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To them, You Are Like A Mining Field Dug For Precious Jewels And Left Ugly After Exhaustion

Gold Digger: Babe

Lover: Yes darling

Gold Digger:  I need a favor

Lover: I am all ears

Gold Digger: I have seen a gold bracelet which really looks nice on me

Lover:  You have said it is in gold?

Gold digger: Yes babe. Do you know how I like gold things? Please, My Love…Can you buy it for me?

Lover: How much does it cost?

Gold digger: Just 1,500 USD

Lover: What! That is four times our rent

Gold digger: Stop it, babe, don’t compare me to your bills. Don’t you know that my love is damn expensive?

Lover: We will talk…

It is true that a relationship is like an investment venture and for it to blossom you need to pump in money. But then a business venture should and must bring profit. Your gold digger lover’s defense will be,” Come on! I give you all my precious time, company, and other sensual benefits. If that is your experience with your partner, you rather engage the services of an exotic escort. What is this love where your best half ignores emotional values and places more emphasis on the material gain? The kind and degree of love you get is pegged on how much you are able to chuck to facilitate your partner’s thirst for fine things.

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Gold Digging Revolutionized

Gold diggers have really exploited the Swahili adage that says, “Pesa Ni Sabuni Ya Roho”, which loosely translates to money is the soul’s cleanser. No wonder dowry, which used to be a customary token for the girl’s parents, has now been turned into a price tag. Marriage nowadays is a business where the cuter and more learned or educated the girl is, the much bigger the bride price. The advent of trophy girls and boys in relationships has sort of legitimized gold-digging. Social media is awash with guys who have preset conditions before they become someone’s wife or husband. Recently, there was a fuss on social media about the price tag that one of Kenya’s socialites proposed to those who want to take her hand in marriage. Further afield, there are stories of the pre-nuptials among big celebrity couples, where mostly men cough up a fortune for their female counterparts to bear them babies. 

Gifting in a relationship is one of the ways through which a couple or lovers can spice up and strengthen their romance but pegging your romantic flare on too much material attachment becomes gold-digging. However you look at it, whether your gifting is within your means or not, you remain a mining field. You will realize this once you run out of the deposits. This type of relationship is reminiscent of that between the imperial powers and the colonies. Developed countries enticed the little economies with westernization while scheming on how to suck dry the mineral deposits. Now, these countries are richer than those countries with gold and diamond mines.

It Probably Sounds Familiar To You And You Would Wish To Drop Them Before They Suck You Dry

Is your man or woman this type? Or are you among those who struggle to differentiate between a genuine lover’s demands from those of a phony partner? It is not your fault, sometimes we are blinded by the desires of our soul to the extent we become oblivious to being used to acquire material gains by those we regard as our best halves. You will need certain skills and knowledge to be able to ascertain whether the demands are genuine or appertain to gold-digging.

In one of her enlightening YouTube videos, Jessica outlines signs that you are probably in love with a phony otherwise referred to here as a gold digger.

Your Partner Is Emotionally  Unattached

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One of the signs she listed includes emotional non-attachment. What is it that a person looks for in the other for a relationship without being emotionally attached? The hinge of love is emotions, without which there is no meaning other than being just a  transactional relationship. Not being attached or connected emotionally can be likened to abandonment. People don’t abandon people they love, they abandon people they were using.

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Does Your Partner Love Extremely Expensive Things?

If your partner would rather ask you  for money to buy a gold watch that is several times higher than your household bills, just know that you are dating a gold digger. Whether you can afford it or not, this type of love is exploitative. Your partner does not love you, but rather values the gifts. In their conversations about your relationship, they will not say how a good person you are but how rich you are. Your compatibility with them, is based on how willing you are and how you can afford to buy whatever they need no matter the price.

Their Language Is Through Tangible Material Rather Than Mere Words


Warning Signs That You Are With A Gold Digger 2

They don’t value words. To them, words are empty unless accompanied by valuable gifts. For instance, your apology is unacceptable if it is not in terms of a car, watch, expensive holiday, and much more. It means you can’t penetrate their eyes with words. You reach their soul through riches. Words are stored in the heart and memory, gifts are stored in the purse. This type of partner only applies eyes during conversations. So long as they cannot see, they can’t feel.

They Only Think About How You Can Take Care of Them Rather Than How You Can Take Care of Yourselves

You should be worried that your partner asks you if you are able to take care of them. You are not dating an infant. The moment you hear that type of myopic preset condition, just know that the person you are about to date or are already dating is a siphon, who is about to suck you dry. It means that when your means dwindle, you will be left panting in the unfamiliar grounds, like a whale that has been swept offshore by the tides.

The gold-digger likes digging for information about how much you earn, what your position is, and such things. You will hear them say things like, “You must be earning lots of money.”

Gold Diggers Don’t Pay For Anything And If They Do, They Want You To Reimburse

Your partner believes since you earn more than them, you must foot all bills. They receive and do not give. That is a parasite that does not encourage mutualism. It is like a bedbug. Your bed shelters it, your mattress provides warmth, and yet when you come back tired after work and want to take a rest, it sucks your blood. That is a gold digger. Your gold digger shouldn’t tell you that you benefit through sex, they also do. Sex is mutual as well.

Only a dullard will continue dating a gold digger after having read this. Nevertheless, this is like a church of mixed understanding, there are those who fail to apply what has been preached, and there are those who apply teachings to the letter.

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