Signs you are a very attractive person

10 Signs You Are a Very Attractive Person

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Feeling Exotic? 10 Signs You Are a Very Attractive Person

You’ve got a thumb that resembles a tree stump, you’ve got a big forehead, your face has freckles, and all these become problems when we tend to see flaws that other people won’t even notice. Everyone gets the pressure to look and present themselves in a certain way. While you are busy thinking hard about all this, there’s always a person across the street who can’t take their eyes off you. 

As a result, we may often miss acknowledging the signs we are attractive: 

You Are Independent

Following crowds is not your thing, you’ve got a mind of your own, and in fact, whenever there’s something that needs to be done you clearly come out as everyone’s first choice. Pace-setter and trend-setter, you are. Focus on your targets and the will to achieve them is very attractive, whether you are a man or woman. 

Financially and emotionally you’ve got everything under control. No clout, since you don’t depend on people’s approval to be happy. 

You don’t Pursue People, You Chase Dreams

A goal-driven man or woman is very attractive. A man who never lowers his standards is a confident man. The same applies to a woman, no one tramples over you and that makes you one sexy independent lady. In any case, if ever there’s any chasing to be done, people will come running after you. 

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No Time for Small Talk or Gossip 

Small talk is the biggest talk we do. Well, that’s only true for unattractive people. Attractive people shy away from conversations that do not add value to life. Avoid filling your life, hours, and days with gossip or small talk and your attraction levels will shoot through the roof. The hardest thing about being true to this trait is losing a lot of friends. Yes, this kind of friend will no longer find conversations with you to be interesting simply because you avoid meaningless conversations and you value your time. Attractive people are focussed on conversations that add value to life, involve making money, and/or teach you something. 


Flattering people, or as I call it- ‘kissing ass’, is a thing and most people do it only for others to stroke their ego or make them feel better about themselves. In any relationship, honesty is crucial. When you are genuinely trustworthy, you become one very attractive person. 

You’ve got Self-Love 

This world will always try to change you. You will either be too thin, too fat, too slim, too tall, too short, too dark, too light, etc. Point is, that perfection to you is your own opinion. You don’t need validation and you are very comfortable in your own skin. 

Not Desperate for Attention

Everywhere you go, attention follows. Get this right, you never chase it but your aura is positively infectious and you have got the charisma to draw people to you. Ever wonder how not-so-physically-attractive top comedians have beautiful wives? Attractive people are confident and are then the ones that can become their own brands. 

signs you are attractive

You have Priorities

Values and Priorities are established and you are not ready to bend them for anyone. Attractive people know when, how, and why they should make a move. 

Know-How to Manage Emotions 

Emotional Intelligence in today’s cold-heartless world is crucial. Depending on the circumstances, knowing how and when to act is important. Attractive people move on fast. Not because they are too proud but because they know exactly what they are worth. 


Sapiosexuals are people attracted to intelligent people. See, there’s a word for it. A well-crafted body will definitely get your attention but if the person is not intelligent you will easily get bored, always. 

Brilliant Communicator

Choice of words is a quality that is quite underrated. Knowing the right words to say, not just using big words to sound intelligent, ensures that your message is absorbed by anyone listening to you. Words from intelligent people are clear, their actions are crisp and their message is always well-conveyed. Valuing other people’s opinions and listening to them speak is attractive, and an added advantage. 

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