10 things women do only for men they love

10 Things Women Do ONLY for Men They Love

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The Mind Speaks A Woman’s Heart, Not Her Vaginal Walls

My feeling is that you’ve probably been in a situationship before. This happens when you think you are in a relationship, but one or both of you are actually in it for the fucking benefits. 

Have you heard R. Kelly’s hit- ‘When a woman loves, she…she loves for real’. It gets so obvious and you never have to read between the lines. 

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Nim Notty’s Litmus Test

You say you are in love? Well, let’s put you through your paces with this test. Here are ten things women do ONLY for men they love: 

  • Introduces You to Friends and Family as a Couple

Your woman is happy to tell people you are her fiance or boyfriend. This is an endorsement that shows she acknowledges you and wants to go all the way.

  • Dates You for a Long Time 

Once most women get what they want from you, trust me, they won’t stick around too long. This is unless they love you and are in it for the long haul. You’ve been through thick and thin and she is consistently by your side. Bro, that’s a keeper. 

  • Confides in You

These are not regular guess-who-i-met-going-to-work kind of convos. Instead, she actually bears her soul out to you. She strips her emotional self to you and speaks from the heart. You talk about her fears, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. 

  • Time with You is a Priority

More often than not, spending time with you is more important to her than going out shopping or going on a night out with her girlfriends. In no way does Nim Notty suggest that she should always spend time with you; there always has to be a fine balance to a fine woman. 

  • She is Comfortable in Her Own Skin

Let’s her guard down and even stops using make-up when she meets you. She is so comfortable she puts on your oversized jersey as you binge-watch together and you even get to feel her morning breath, how exciting! Okay, I know, not so romantic, but it just shows you that she is herself around you. In fact, you are being prepared for what is to come. Here’s the catch; women who do not put any effort might not necessarily be good for you. She has definitely got to keep doing the things that got you attracted to her in the first place. All she needs to do is know when and how to do it. That means she is comfortable around you. 

  • Stops seeing other men

At the time you met, this sexy ebony babe was definitely getting a lot of attention from other guys as well. Entertaining them does not necessarily mean that she is fucking every one of them. Once her heart and mind settle on you, its lights off for everyone else. She will definitely want to take things to the next level. 

  • She Got Plans for You

Not just daydreaming, but actually planning on the kind of house you would have, the kind of community she would want to live in, what number of kids you would have, etc. The point is, you are in this together. 

  • Looks Past Your Faults 

We all got bad habits that we’ve got to get rid of; probably you absent-mindedly keep poking your nose or you have this posture you’ve got so unknowingly accustomed to. If she loves you, she would definitely want to see you at your best. The sacrifice to look past your faults and work on them together is a sacrifice she is willing to make. 

  • Remembers things that are Important to You

She reminds you that you’ve got a meeting at work and prepares you for it, remembers your birthday, and reminds you that it’s time to visit your parents. She even remembers your dental check-up appointment. The little things do count!

  • She Compromises 

A woman who is willing to compromise to keep the relationship growing, and not just to make you happy you won an argument, is a gem. If it’s not something that goes against her values and morals, then that’s a totally different subject. But if not, then it means she is willing to make herself better for the health of your relationship. 


This Nim Notty Litmus Test should not be a checklist to know if a woman loves you. We all got different love languages. Know your woman, and when she gets to know you, both of you will know how to portray love for each other in your own special ways.

Remember, You will manage to keep a woman in love with you, only for as long as you can keep her in love with the person she becomes when she is with you

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