Sex workers now turn to soft drink to tighten their pussies.

Vaginal douching: Coke and lemon find new uses in tightening pussies and avoiding pregnancys’

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Vaginal douching

Vaginal douching is a global traditional practice dating back hundreds of years. The practice is perceived that it enhances sexual pleasure. It is a particularly common practice among both married women who turn to it after giving birth and female sex workers in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Why the fuck do Vaginal douching

According to a community-based descriptive study conducted among female Commercial Sex Workers in selected communities of Borno State, Vaginal douching with lime juice and other agents was documented. Vaginal douching with lime juice has been perceived among women to enhance sexual excitement through sensations of vaginal dryness, tightness or warmth. Vaginal cleansing before or after, or between, the act of intercourse is thought to treat gynaecological diseases, prevent sexually transmitted infections and restore and tighten the vagina after delivery.

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Its effectiveness as a contraceptive has also been reported.

Ugandan Sex workers turn to Pepsi Cola

Sex workers operating in the city of Mbale found in Eastern Uganda have started sprinkling Pepsi cola and other Cola drinks on their cunts to reportedly increase its elasticity.

The do so as a result of serving local clients who are blessed with big junks which it seems over time wrecks havoc to a poor pussy.

”The Abamasaba men have big penises. When they are young and growing up to become men they usually apply herbs on their penises that make them become big.” Rosette Namboozo, one of the sex workers’ leaders in Mbale said.

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Majority of residents in Mbale are from the Abamasaba tribe. The city is located near the border with Kenya. Apart from applying herbs on their dicks the community also circumcise their men which turns them into potent pussy destroyers.

”They take long to cum so when they fuck us our vaginas automatically become wide. When you sleep with about 5 men daily your pussy will naturally widen. Although they have big penises they are not interested in women with wide holes.” Namboozo said.

Pepsi Cola soda for tight pussy

The sex workers were condemned to suffer from low interest until their counterparts who recently joined them from Kampala let them on a secret that washing their private parts with Pepsi Cola soda helps in reducing its size and makes it more elastic.

”When you wash the vagina with that soda it becomes tight. That makes our clients who enjoy small holes happy.” she said.

Since then, most of the sex workers in Mbale wash their private parts with Pepsi Cola soda.

Coke and lemon for no pregnancy

its not only in Uganda, however, where women are turning to unorthodox methods to keep their poor pussies edible. In Kenya, Teenage girls are also using Coke and lemon to clean their private parts after sex to avoid getting pregnant.

During a webinar on Safeguarding Children and Adolescents against Violence organised by Youth Agenda, Ms Venoranda Rebecca, Youth Changers Kenya Founder made the shocking revelation.

“Some will tell you if I have sex and put lemon or Coke in my vagina, I’ll not get pregnant. They wash away sperms,” she said.

Some teenage girls engage in unprotected sex because some fear their cunts will grow old and wither away because of lack of use.

“Others say if I stay without having sex, I will rust or grow cobwebs,” she added.

Not so fast

Scientific studies have established the harmful effects of cleaning the vagina with corrosive or irritating products such as Pepsi Cola and Citric acid filled lemons.

An article A Question for Women’s Health: Chemicals in Feminine Hygiene Products and Personal Lubricants published on National Centre for Biotechnology Information for example cites studies that shows certain chemicals can damage or irritate vaginal and rectal epithelial cells thus increasing one’s risk to transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and human immunodeficiency virus.

Significantly more lime juice users had increased susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) than non-users. Users had a higher prevalence of HIV infection than non-users.

The Papanicouleaua (pap) smear test for cervical lesions also showed that moderate to severe dysplastic changes were more prevalent among lime-juice users.


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