Kachabali: Ugandan women launch lessons to get women squirting again

Kachabali: Ugandan women launch lessons to get women squirting again

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Ugandan women and squirting

Sex workers based in western Uganda have come out to caution men that not just any woman can be able to produce Kachabali waters.

The workers plying their trade in the city of Mbarara added that they will break their backs to teach local men the difference during a meeting held at one of the brothels near Vision empire hall.

”Many men want to fuck women who can experience kachabali. Those who are experts at it can easily tell what type of women have kachabali waters but majority still don’t know.” Rebecca Nalika, the meeting coordinator said.

”We were invited by one of the political leaders in the area for a party at one of our joints in the city. He bought us drinks and pork thanking us for voting him in recent elections.” Nalika added.

The sex workers have urged men who want to have mind-blowing adventure in experiencing kachabali sex style to be more keen while seeking  services of sex workers and what to look out for.

Its all in the noise baby

Nalika further added that almost all women hailing from western Uganda have kachabali waters because right from childhood they are fed on food that create it. Women from western Uganda have elongated clitoris for specifically squirting.

”The easiest way of knowing a woman blessed with kachabali waters is by looking at her nose. Almost all women from western Uganda have long noses.” she said.

Apart from squirting like sprinklers during sex,  Ugandan women from western also have bedroom skills to match. Nalika explained that women from northern Uganda are naturally dry but when they get foreigners they deceive them that they can play Kachabali yet they do not know how.

”It is for that reason that we came up with the idea of starting up an organization of kachabali knowledgeable sex workers to help with raising awareness and we will soon open an account on social media where we anyone can come learn.” she said.

The sex workers also plan to hire agents in the city to break down to clueless clients which sex workers are good at kachabali.


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