Exclusively Kachabali brothel flung its doors open in Kampala

Exclusively Kachabali brothel flung its doors open in Kampala

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Kachabali brothel opened in Kampala

An exclusively Kachabali brothel has been set up in the outskirt of Kampala.

According to one of the managers of the brothel, Zerina Namuddu, the Kachabali brothel is now operational and located at Kabalagala, an upscale suburb of Kampala.

Makes business sense

Kabalagala is frequented by whites especially pensioners from United Kingdom, United States and Sweden who go there to mingle and fuck young escorts. Many loaded Ugandans who want polished escorts also visit the place especially in the night.

Namuddu who also doubles as a sex worker said the place is a magnet for loaded and horny men.

“Most of the girls and women we work with are fairly educated. We even have some graduates. That is the reason why we attract whites and Indians in big numbers.” she said.

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Gap in the market

Namuddu adds that together with one of her colleagues they came up with the idea of starting a Kachabali brothel because many men usually complain that they specifically came to the ‘pearl of Uganda’ to experience Kachabali but in most cases do not get women who know how to play Kachabali.

”Some women usually deceive the men that they can play with them Kachabali yet they are either too dry to play it or do not know how to play it.” said Namuddu.

Namuddu says that in order to play Kachabali properly a woman must be blessed with sufficient ”waters”.

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How to do Kachabali like a pro

Namuddu who herself squirts like a sprinkler says in order for a woman to do Kachali like a pro she must elongate their clitoris and also take a lot of millet porridge and milk. She added that most of such women usually come from western Uganda.

”Almost all the women operating in our brothel are from western Uganda and our clients are assured of perfect Kachabali.”

Kachabali Charges

The exclusively Kachabali brothel charges only UGsh 20,000 (equivalent of 5.7 US dollars) for one to experience the joys of fucking a woman who can squirt like a sprinkler.

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