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Annoying double standards men and women face that makes no sense

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Double Standards in our Society

It is the 21st Century and a lot has changed from previous generations. Everything seems to need an upgrade with this generation- your phone, your car, your wardrobe, and at times, your spouse or lover. 

We all have different perspectives, beliefs, and ideologies and these determine the direction we lead our lives towards. Here are some of the most annoying double standards in our society; 


  • When a woman is seen as conservative, society refers to her as being such a prude(a person who is or claims to be easily shocked by matters relating to sex or nudity). On the other hand, an open-minded woman is referred to as ‘too easy’. 
  • A young boy dating an older woman is no taboo. In fact, he gets applauded for being a ‘cougar hunter’. However, a young lady dating an older man? You guessed right, a gold digger. 
  • Being a widow is sometimes permanent, and changing that status could be very difficult. However, a man being a widower is quite different and it is always easier for the man to get married again than the woman. 
  • Walking into a hospital and assuming that the man is the doctor and the woman the nurse. Happens in different forms in other professions as well. 

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  • Men are expected to be fit and attractive, but they shouldn’t try to be fit and attractive. Many women would even suggest that he should look fit from manual work, for example, working in construction. What they do not realize is that it takes specific exercise targeting specific parts to look physically attractive. On the other hand, commenting on ‘plus size’ women takes a lot of word filtering to avoid ‘body shaming’ 
  • Growing up as daddy’s princess is a cool thing, however, being mama’s boy is often used to tease weaker guys 
  • Cooking, cleaning, and most house chores have long been associated with women. When the woman is not ‘equipped’ to do these tasks she appears incapable of being the ‘perfect wife’, especially in Africa. This assumption is, however, slowly fading but when a man becomes a house husband he is seen as not capable of earning his money, and when the man does not help with the chores he is also seen as egoistic and careless.
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