Ugandan Teenager Impregnates Own Mother; Mother Kills Him 1

Ugandan Teenager Impregnates Own Mother; Mother Kills Him

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Horny Teenager in Uganda Allegedly Dies After Impregnating His Own Mother 

A 16 yr old Ugandan teenager has allegedly been killed by his mother after catching him red handed trying to fuck her.

Alex Mulwanyi, a senior 4 student in a day school in Mukono district got strangled by his mother, Winnie Naka when he wanted to fuck her as he was doing every night without her knowledge.

Naka, 35, a resident of Kamwanyi village in central Uganda district of Mukono got shocked when she found that she was pregnant yet she has no man,to her knowledge who fucks her.

During an interview she said that she was shocked when she went to hospital and after a medical check up she was told she was pregnant.

“I stay with my son and I have not slept with a man for over a year.I could not believe that I was pregnant.”said Naka.

She said that she went to another two hospitals and pregnancy tests wee carried out. They all confirmed that she was pregnant.

However one of the doctors in the last hospital he went to counseled her.He asked her if she stayed with any one in the house,and she said that with her son,He told her that maybe,he is the one responsible for the pregnancy.

Aboy and Step Mother Saga

She said that she stays whole day at work. When she came home in evening it is her son who usually prepared supper which she served her with tea.

After being told that the son could be responsible for the pregnancy, she did not eat food served by her son.She placed it in a polythene bag and poured the tea in a plastic bottle.The boy thought she had eaten.
While on her bed at around 1.AM, the boy went into her room and pulled over the blanket and attempted to rape her as usual.But this time she was normal and she held his throat and strangled him to death.

When the tea and food was taken to laboratory for testing, it was discovered that he used to dope it with sleeping drugs before serving it to his mother.

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