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Prevent Pregnancy With These Natural Foods

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11 natural foods that prevent pregnancy

The modern woman wants to be in control of their body and wouldn’t want to get pregnant without proper planning. They don’t want anyone to dictate when they should bear children which is why they use contraceptive pills.

It is likely to happen that they may skip their pills or have raw sex without using any contraceptive method. For ages, women have devised natural methods to prevent pregnancy.

It is not quite certain whether these methods are 100 percent effective. Here are natural methods you can use to avoid pregnancy: 

Asafoetida Juice 

Asafoetida juice
Asafoetida juice

Popularly known as Hing, it is a natural way to prevent pregnancy, especially when taken before your period. You can take it with water every month to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex and discontinue consumption immediately after your monthly periods start.


This mild herb is thought to be an effective and natural remedy to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse. This herb doesn’t cause any side effects and the easiest way to consume it is to take it in the form of tea.

Dried Figs 

No studies actually prove that eating dried figs can prevent pregnancy. However, a number of women eat 2-dried figs after having unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy.

You shouldn’t however eat them as they may cause a stomach upset as much as they boost blood circulation.


Popularly known as papaya is eaten by women twice a day for 3-4 days after engaging in unsafe sexual intercourse in the hope that it will prevent conception.

A number of people also believe that fruit can reduce sperm count if consumed by male partners.


ginger which is goood for preventing pregnancy
ginger is good for preventing pregnancy

A number of women consume grated ginger boiled in water for five minutes twice a day. Thus root is thought to prevent pregnancy as well as induce monthly periods. It’s not medically proven yet. Keep that in mind!


This food spice is used to add great flavor to food. Many women believe that it can be used to prevent pregnancies as well. The spice however stimulates the uterus and causes miscarriage.

Indian Turnip 

Some women also try this home remedy of mixing a teaspoon of powdered root in a cup of cold water. Don’t get your hopes up if you have already drunk this concoction. It’s not yet scientifically proven.


No medical evidence proves that eating yam twice a day consistently for two months works as a birth control method. Women however believe that this is true.


juicy pineapple that can lower pregnancy
juicy pineapple that can prevent pregnancy

No study supports the myth that eating unripe pineapples can prevent pregnancy. Nonetheless, a number of women eat these unripe fruits 2-3 days after sex with the belief that their properties can prevent pregnancy.


Although there’s no scientific proof, some women believe that injecting neem oil into the uterus kills sperm in the vagina as well as promotes temporary sterility for men.

Juniper Berries 

Many people relish the berries especially when they are in season. People believe that it is a natural contraceptive method that helps women to prevent pregnancy.

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