Ugandan Man Forces Wife and Lover on a Naked Walk of Shame

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Ugandan Man Makes His Wife and Lover Walk Naked on the Streets

A Ugandan man who caught his wife red-handed being fucked by another man in a lodge punished the adulterers by making them walk naked in several streets of the town.

According to an eye witness who is also a local leader in Sironko town in the eastern Uganda district of Sironko, Jackson Masaba, the man who arrested his wife in a lodge is called Emanuel Nagolo,31 who stood for a district elective position in the 2021 elections but failed to win.

He said that Nagolo was tipped by one of his friends that his wife was being fucked by another man in Kisenyi Lodge. Nagolo hurriedly went to the lodge and after inquiring from the reception he got to know the room in which his wife was being fucked.

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He knocked at the door of the room he had been told and indeed on being opened by the man in a towel, he saw his naked woman in the bed. He sounded an alarm and some people came to the scene.

He ordered the adulterer and his wife to get out of the room and walk on the streets while naked. The man and his wife attempted to wear clothes but Nagolo and the other people around removed the clothes from them and forced them to walk on the streets of the town.

He later told the wife to pack her property and move away from his home.

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