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Ugandan Man Chops Off Wife’s Lover’s Hand. Caught in the act!

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Off With the Hand! Ugandan Man Turns Savage on Man After Catching Him Fucking His Wife

A Ugandan man in the Central district of Kasanda lost his hand after being caught red-handed fucking another man’s wife in his village.

The incident took place in Kikandwa village about 200 km west of Uganda’s capital Kampala.

According to police in Kasanda, the man whose hand was cut off also sustained several cuts on the head and body. The man has been identified as Martin Kafero.

Police have confirmed that they arrested the man identified as Keneth Binga for cutting off Kafero’s hand and also inflicting more pain all over his body using a machete.

ugandan man
Ugandan man chops off man’s hand. Caught in the act!

The village chief, Abel Kizza said that it was about 9:00 PM when he heard someone crying for help in a bush near his home. He rushed there and found Kafero crying in pain after his hand was cut off.

Besides Kafero was Binga’s naked wife. She had been seriously beaten and kicked. He asked her what was amiss and she told him that her husband found her being fucked by Kafero.

She went ahead to say that her husband cut off Kafero’s hand and also cut him on other parts of his body before he seriously beat and kicked her out.

Her husband took all her clothes and those of the adulterer leaving them naked.

Kizza called the police who took Kafero to the hospital and the woman to her home.

Police later hunted for Binga and arrested him. He was caught hiding in the nearby trading center. He awaits his court case; to be charged with attempted murder.

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