This Husband's Reaction to His Wife's Affair is Unbelievable 1

This Husband’s Reaction to His Wife’s Affair is Unbelievable

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{UGANDA} Cheating Wife Stripped and Exposed by Husband to Parents

Daniel Kibalama 40, had always suspected his wife of being with a man in the neighborhood. The husband to Esther as is known to many was soon to affirm his worst fears.

A Resident of Kireka on the outskirts of Uganda’s capital Kampala, Kibalama has been staying with his 26 yr old wife Esther Namuli for two years although they have no baby.

He promised to pay a young man called Abbas Kula some money if he ever informs him about his wife having an affair with another man.

On Monday, Kibalama went as usual to work in Kampala in the Kiseka market where he manages a shop selling vehicle spare parts.

But while at work at around 4.00 PM he got a phone call from Kula informing him that he had seen his wife entering into a lodge with another man.

He hurriedly went to the lodge which Kula had informed him about.

After consulting at the reception he got to know the room in which his wife was being fucked. He went to the room and knocked on the door. Those inside thought it was the waitress who was serving them drinks during the sex intervals and so the man opened.

Kibalama punched the man several times before he fled while in his pant and ran into a nearby building. He then started beating up the woman.

He dragged her out of the lodge premises while stark naked, holding her clothes in her hands. He called a boda boda┬á (transport motorcycle) and made the woman sit on it. He sat behind her and instructed the cyclist to drive to the woman’s parents’ village in the Mpigi district about 25 km from Kampala city.

The woman’s parents got the shock of their life when they saw their son-in-law arriving with their naked daughter.

He told them that he found her being fucked by another man and no longer needed her.

He boarded the motorbike and left her with her shocked parents.

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