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7 Best Relationship Tips for Married Sugar Daddies

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Married, but Still the Best Player with Some Young Blood. Time for the Sugar Daddies Reign!

Sugar relationships appeal to most moneyed men because they set the rules and can play the game on their own terms. Married sugar daddies need to observe some rules if they respect their marriages and they also wish to discreetly enjoy sugar dating. Here are rules that cuffed men should observe when dating sugar babies :

Keep the feelings at bay

A sugar baby should not be your confidant by all means. You know that your arrangement is no strings attached and you are with her just for the sugar. No matter how sweet her sugar tastes, resist falling in love and investing any emotions in this kind of relationship.When you feel as though your feelings are 

Don’t make babies 

Sugar Daddies

Unless you love unending baby mama drama, desist from turning her into a babymaking machine. You have a wife so you can talk her into making babies with her. As such, the purpose is to use protection when eating her sugar.

Remember to play safe

This kind of sugar arrangement should be discreet and your wife should not have the slightest clue that it exists. When planning for dates, set them far away from home lest you bump into your wife getting cosy with your sugar baby. Avoid making any calls or texting her when you are at home. When push comes to shove, make sure you delete any call logs or any thread of conversation you have with her, just in case your wife snoops on your phone.

Respecting boundaries

For you to maintain this kind of relationship, consider setting healthy boundaries and respecting them. Remember to be clear on what you want from each other from the word go. Be open to each other about what irks you and each of your deal breakers so that you may abide by them. Be clear to one another whether you both want an exclusive relationship since this may be a reason for conflict later in the relationship.

Spoiling your sugar baby

To keep your sugar baby hooked, you should buy gifts that appeal to her. You know darn well that she is with you just for the gifts and money. As such, consider buying her expensive jewellery and lingerie. Treat her to frequent spa treatments as they will keep her relaxed and rejuvenated every time you meet her. Also, ask her to mention beautiful destinations that she wishes to explore. Make her wishes come true by treating her to a couple of vacations and enjoy travelling the world with beauty by your side.

Avoid obsessing over them 

Spending intimate moments with someone is bound to make you fall in love with them. We can hardly tell when Cupid’s bow is likely to strike and get us hooked to people we share intimate moments with.  It is necessary to remember that you don’t own your sugar baby hence they can end the relationship anytime they like and so can you. Since this is a transactional type of relationship, you need to constantly remind yourself that you are just sugaring with your baby whenever you find yourself catching feelings. Since you are a daddy who just needs the sugar, keep in mind that you are just paying your baby for her time. 

What to do with the feelings

Keep in mind that you are likely to develop feelings for your sugar baby as you continue interacting with her. Therefore it is essential to share your feelings with her and ascertain whether the feelings are mutual. Remember effective communication is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. Communicating with your sugar baby will also help you decide whether you need to reevaluate the transactional agreement and re-negotiate by asking for more from your agreement. Beware that your sugar baby may feign real feelings for you and this may compel you to dig deeper into your pockets in the fear that she may reject you.

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