Catholic priest loses his cool after busting girlfriend having sex

Men come to the defense of archbishop who fucked wife of Anglican priest

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Holy Fuck!

A section of Ugandan men have come to the defense of an archbishop in the middle of an adultery scandal that has rocked the Anglican church.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali was forced to go into retirement last year after he was caught fucking the wife of an Anglican priest.

Pack and Go

As soon as the sex scandal broke out archbishop Ntagali was suspended from the church and a new archbishop by the name Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu installed. In a letter which has since leaked to the public, Archbishop Mugalu, suspended him from performing any Church activities because of the adultery scandal.

The media latched onto the letter and published the story generating a heated debate on social media and FM radios across the country.

Leave ‘our horny archbishop’ alone

A section of men now feel the punishment was too harsh.

”The Bishop is a real man, fucking the same woman everyday makes one lose interest in sex. There is need to change diet once in a while.” William Kalibbala, a vehicle mechanic said in defensed of the ex-archbishop.

What is the Catholic* thing to do

Men were also incensed by the act of the Anglican Church’s leadership of exposing the archbishop saying they should take a leave from the sex scandal ridden Catholic church.

”Archbishop Kaziimba did a bad thing to expose his colleague. He should have kept quite like the Catholics do. Most of the Catholic priests have children but their leadership keep a blind eye about it.” Anthony Kalibala said.

I am no angel so forgive me archbishop pleads

Later the embattled retired archbishop came out and apologized to the Anglican  community and the country at large saying he is a human being who was subdued by the Satan and appealed for forgiveness.

Paul Nbalwa, a medical officer in Kampala sided with the archbishop saying hed did what any man would do.

”Every true man goes for an adventure like that once in a while. What he has done is done by all of us everyday.”

Hundreds of messages siding with the exposed ex-archbishop is still streaming in.

Men come to the defense of archbishop who fucked wife of Anglican priest 1 2657

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