Man clobbers wife for having an affair with a Catholic priest. (WKBN)

Man clobbers wife for having an affair with a Catholic priest

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Man beats up wife for loving Catholic priest

A man beat up his wife into a coma after discovering that she often played sex with a Catholic priest.

Stephen Kasadha, 40, a resident of Bugembe town council in Eastern Uganda district of Jinja, lost his cool after he eavesdropped on the wife talking with the priest on phone.

Hatched a plan to trick his wife

Kasadha suspected that his wife, Gertrude  Nabwire, was having an affair behind his back after one of their neighbors reported on his wife.

”Someone told me that my wife was having an affair with another man and they usually make appointments to meet when I am not around.”

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The man then decided to act drunk to fool his wife to let her guard down since his wife usually talks on the phone with whoever she wants without minding his presence thinking he is dead asleep.

”As I pretended to be deep asleep, I heard her phone ring. She picked it and said how are you, Father Jude. She then said that she could not go for a fuck with Father Jude the next day because she was experiencing her menstrual period.” said Kasadha.

Beaten to a coma

It was at that moment that the man woke up and descended on his wife with slaps and blows over the affair with Father Jude. She confessed that she had slept with him four times which angered him the more leading him to beat her into a coma.

He fled after the woman collapsed. Neighbors picked her up and took her to the hospital. They reported the incident to the police which are now hunting for Kasadha.


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