Shamba boy impregnates boss' wife and 2 daughters

Shamba boy impregnates boss’ wife and 2 daughters

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Killing two birds with one stone?

A local Shamba boy (farmhand) hailing from Uganda has invaded his boss’ farm and  ‘sowed his wild seeds’ catching him by surprise.

In the suburbs of Kawempe in Kampala, a tycoon is still trying to come to terms with the fact that his wife and two daughters have all been impregnated by the shamba boy. To add salt to a wound the farmhand also reportedly infected them with HIV/Aids.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play

Titus Tamale, a flight engineer based in USA, got the shock of his life when he returned home only to find his wife having given birth and two of his daughters heavy with pregnancy.

”I was shocked when I came back and found my wife with a one year baby, my 2nd daughter who is at Makerere university also had a seven months baby while the other daughter is heavily pregnant.”

For the last two years, Mr. Tamale has been away from home leaving the Shamba boy to run wild and fuck his whole family. For the last ten years Mr. Tamale has been working in the USA and usually comes back home after ever two years.

“I left my wife with my four children at home and I have been dutifully sending them money for food and other necessities,”

When he was last at his home in 2018, he employed a local Shamba boy after realizing that his compound and garden were not adequately looked after. Two years later he would come to rue that decision.

Fuck! what happened here when I was away

Confused as to who had invaded his bedroom, the flight attendant asked his wife who was responsible for the baby she was carrying but she kept mum and his two daughters also feigned ignorance and refused to reveal the identity of the man responsible.

Hurt and angry, Mr. Tamale decided to take matters into his own hands and get to the bottom of the matter by force if need be. He locked them all in a room and started beating them with an electricity cable wire. There cries for help was in vain since he had locked the door from inside and neighbors could only listen from afar.

Shamba boy latest conquest lets the cat out of the bag

After some time, the youngest daughter and the Shamba boy latest conquest couldn’t take it anymore and dropped the bombshell that the Shamba boy was responsible for all their pregnancies.

Tamale then dashed to the workers quarters to teach him a lesson but by the time he reached there, he had fled. He remains at large.

Two days later, Mr. Tamale took his family for a HIV-AIDS test at the local hospital where they all turned positive. Devastated, Mr. Tamale has not been seen at his home since then. If you were in his shoes, what would you do?


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