Woman accuses Ugandan Catholic priest based in UK for dumping her and abandoning their kids

Catholic priest who secretly sired 10 kids with 2 women now sues woman for selling his property

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Catholic priest locked in dispute with baby mama

A Catholic priest in Uganda is in trouble and fighting for control of property worth millions of shillings with one of his concubines.

Reverend Father Fedrick Kisuule Kaliisa was happily but secretly fucking two women with whom he has two children until when he fell out with one over a piece of land.

One of the women has 6 children while the other has got 4.

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Property at the center of the conflict

The world would never have known about Father Kaliisa bedroom affairs had the priest not gone to court to sue his second wife for selling his property including 8 acres of land and a house.

The woman at the center of the drama has been identified as Rose Namwanje Mugezitayomba.

No sooner had the priest gone to court than Rose also went public and told all and sundry that Father Kaliisa has been secretly fucking her and they even have children together.

A local newspaper going by the name ‘Bukedde’ reported that the priest was accusing his secret wife of selling his land, 300 pigs, 50 goats, a pick-up vehicle and a tractor.

Meet Father Kisuule the ‘good man of god’

Father Kisuule, who operates from Itanda parish in the western Uganda district of Bugiri had gone for a 4-year course in Europe when the woman sold his property claiming that she needed money to look after the kids because the priest was not sending them any money.

When interviews by Bukedde newspaper interviewed the priest seconded the Catholic church decision to bar her priests from marrying

“The Catholic church is right to stop its priest to marry because what I have experienced from the women I got children with shows that a married priest can not perform his duties perfectly.”

He, however, faulted the devil for leading him astray. He currently awaits to see if the Catholic Church will expunge him for his misdeeds.

Catholic priest who secretly sired 10 kids with 2 women now sues woman for selling his property 1 1141

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