Woman accuses Ugandan Catholic priest based in UK for dumping her and abandoning their kids

Woman accuses Ugandan Catholic priest based in UK for dumping her and abandoning their kids

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Catholic priest leaves wife high and dry

A woman has painfully learnt that her husband of ten years is a catholic priest after he unceremoniously dumped her and abandoned their kids.

Speaking to local media stations, the Ugandan woman said she was hell shocked to learn about her husband’s job.

“He befriended me ten years ago and he told me that he works in the United Kingdom. He did not tell me that he was a Catholic priest.” She said.

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While she didn’t reveal the name of the alleged priest, the woman wasn’t shy to reveal her identity as Nina Naka, a local celebrity hailing from central Uganda’s district of Masaka.

No sooner had the news broke than several local media in the country jumped into the debate and ran with the story which attracted diverse views from their audience.

While on air, Nina threatened to expose his identity if he does not respond soon.

Before he dumped her, Nina divulged that he used to visit her and their children three times a year and whenever he came they would enjoy the soft life characterized by visiting beaches and clubs.

The two recently had a misunderstanding and the man of God decided to abandon her with their children.  It was only upon investigating through his colleagues in the UK that she established that the man is indeed a Catholic priest.

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and Nina says she is even thinking of suing the priest in court over neglecting her with their children adding that she attempted to get help from other Catholic priests in Uganda but they have all ignored her plight.


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