Luowomen-Whitemen affair: Why Luo Women love dating and marrying white dudes

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Luowomen-Whitemen affair

If you walked up to a Luo woman today and asked her why they prefer white men over Kenyan and African men, she will tell you among many other reasons, that white men are more loving, caring and romantic.

All this is true but not the whole truth. I decided to do a little research and digging of  the Luowomen-Whitemen affair: Why Luo Women love dating and marrying white dudes.

Here are just a few answers: 

Luo women have Inferiority complex

On the surface it may seem like Luo women are just outgoing and civilized enough to comfortably date a white man. On a deeper level though, it screams of inferiority complex.

It’s the reason for the Luo community’s love for everything western to insist on speaking the Queen’s language at any slight opportunity. Using this pattern sociologists have concluded one of the reasons most Luo women date white men is the hope that ‘their sophistication, mannerism and soft life’ will rub on them and improve their social being.

The same luo women would not touch a rich indian even if they offered millions proving its a mindset not necessarily a choice.

Luos are mostly dark skinned and the light complexion of white men is another factor that makes them wet at the mere sight of a white man.

Luo women love weak white men who they can control

Unlike African men who are traditional and conservative. Most Luo women are proud and can’t stand an African man who orders her around and expects her to assume her traditional responsibilities as a mother, wife and under the authority of a man.

It is the reason why most Luo men decide to marry from elsewhere rather than to settle with a Luo woman.

“Luo men with their huge egos, pride and loud voices cannot marry a woman who has their ego, pride and loud voices. That will be like a madhouse,” 

“That is why most [Luo men] marry outside their tribe because they need a chilled woman to have sanity in the home.”

For this reason then, Luo women go for white men and not just any white man but weak men whom they can boss around to do their biddings.

Luo women are spoilt and love soft life

A Luo woman’s love of opulence is an open secret. Luo women love soft life and on a simple weekend you will see their social media handles awash with all manner of expensive alcoholic drinks, photos of exotic far flung places like Greece Island of Santorini. Luo women love being spoiled and eating life with a big spoon, something which discourages Kenyan men who love making money not spending money.

Leading the pack is Kikuyu men who find it harder to marry Luo women out of belief systems, one being that Luo women are lazy.  You see for a Kikuyu man “business and properties come first so we tend to stay away from Luo women because we can’t be able to sustain the kind of lifestyle their men have accustomed them to. They are high maintenance.

Luo men have also joined the bandwagon and say Luo women only belong to rich men with bottomless money.

“Truth be told Luo ladies are somehow lazy and who wants a lazy woman? They don’t think about tomorrow,” Bob said.

“Most Luo ladies are club-hoppers and value things that are of no importance.

“They are also not patient with their men, that is why Luo men prefer to marry outside their tribe.’

“One … undoing for Luo women is this thing called ‘Osemoke Oliel’. For those who don’t know what that [is], it’s the other version of parte after parte after parte,” 

“Luo ladies are arrogant and very confrontational. They are not business minded at all. Luo ladies are also demanding,, as the norm that kikuyu ladies love money, but if you meet a beautiful luo lady who is well endowed she is worse.. they demand for money as though they lent you the money. They are generally very unsustainable pocketwise..Am a luo, those are my reasons for not wanting anything with them.” One user posted on Kenyantalk.

Luo women love white men because they look beyond their past

Unlike Kenyan men, their white counterparts are more forgiving of Luo women’s past whoring. A white man doesn’t judge. When he decides to love a lady, he does it wholeheartedly without frowning about her past. Some even marry women with 10 kids like Akothee and go ahead and take good care of them.

So once a Luo woman knows her mileage is gone and she has dropped a couple of kids her only chance of a soft life is bagging a rich old white man.


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