Men in Their Soft Girl Era 1

Men in Their Soft Girl Era

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Is it Facts That Men Getting Flowers, Manicures, and Massages Marks the Onset of the ‘Soft Girl Era’?

Feminists will be the first to fight me on this opinion on men being in their soft girl era. But it’s happening! Most women thought that the introduction of the soft girl era concept was a win and these baddies are in for a shock.

Popular Twips like Amerix popularized the toxic masculinity narrative but it seems that the men are feeling worn off by the pressure. Economic turmoil and a lack of commitment during difficult times have seen men look for alternatives to their own survival and big dreams.

It is not bad to be in your soft girl era, everyone is entitled to it and men are not excluded. Before you dissect my opinions, men are now submissive partners in multiple celebrity relationships. Look around you, a good number of men get proposed to by their women, some taken for shopping, bought gifts, flowers and they also have expensive skincare routines.

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Unlike in the past, women will no longer have to carry all cosmetics when visiting their men. They have everything including nail care cosmetics and even face wash masks. Today’s men desire flowers. They are getting manicures and wearing pearls. They take care of their skin thoroughly and pay attention to their hair. Although many are opposed, it is a wonderful thing.

This shift will actually make women more romantic as it has always been expected of men. Women must entirely dissociate themselves from gender roles in order to enter this new realm. You can invite men to enter the kitchen and perform tasks that are typically performed by women if they can get past their soft girl phase. They have to make males keep their end of the bargain because being soft has a cost.

Money gives power and Exotic Escorts Africa are boss ladies. Browse our websites and you will identify women with sophisticated lifestyles. Women rich enough to make a man in their soft-girl era to be submissive. Because of the kind of power that money gives you, you will be the one to warn him against spending too much time with the boys rather than you. Even when he arrives home too late, you are permitted to refuse to let him inside.

He has to cook supper for you as a thank-you for each manicure you purchase. He is obliged to pay in kind, as it has always been required of women, for every hair day you have to offer.

Since men have entered the game, the playing field has been leveled for women who have long been denigrated as gold diggers and slay queens. Less shame will be associated with it, and perhaps those who date for money and softness will finally have luck.

Why would a man get mad at you for having a Sugar Daddy yet he has a Sugar Mummy who just flew him out to the Maldives for vacation?

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