{UG} How a Woman’s Mental Breakdown Led Her to Set Fire to Her House with Her Kids Locked In

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Ugandan Woman Accused of Attempted Murder After Locking Her Kids in Flaming House

Police in Uganda’s capital Kampala are hunting for a married woman whose mental breakdown saw her lock 3 of her children in a house and set fire to it.

While addressing the media in Kampala, Uganda police deputy spokesman, Luke Owoyesigyire said that the incident took place in the upper lakeside zone of Kisugu parish in Makindye division.

He said that according to investigations so far carried out a housewife who has long been having disagreements with her husband attempted to kill her 3 children.
He identified the housewife as Jennifer Namubiru and her husband as Moses Bululu.

He said.” We received a report on a woman attempting to kill her children after locking them in a house and setting fire to it. A team of officers promptly responded by going to the scene. The fire brigade also swiftly responded and fire fighting trucks rushed to the scene and put out the fire.”

Namubiru fled after setting fire to the house and police are hunting for her.

The children whose mother allegedly locked them in the house were aged 7,6 and 2 years. They shouted loudly calling for help which led to the neighbors responding and they broke into the house to save them before fire engulfed where they were.

The neighbors also called the police which sent trucks to extinguish the fire.

One of the neighbors, Beatrice Kanabi said that Namubiru had told her that she was about to teach her husband a lesson because she had established that he has other women. Kanabi however said that she did not tell her what exactly she was going to do.

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