From Amber Rose to Maya Angelou: 6 international celebrities you never imagined worked as Prostitutes

Reading Time: 5 minutes Different people know them with different names from Prostitutes to Escorts. What is common, however, about them is they continue to face stigma, discrimination and all manner of abuse from … Read More

6 Do and Dont’s during Coronavirus pandemic to remain productive and feel alive

Reading Time: 5 minutes As the world slowly limps towards beating the coronavirus and finally develop a vaccine for Covid-19 most of us are stuck at home. While in isolation we all know how … Read More

Adnan Khashoggi: Sleep and walk in the steps of the greatest whoremonger in the world in Kenya

Reading Time: 4 minutes The next time you’re in Kenya you might what to visit the now world-famous Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. Few places in the world have hosted some of the world’s … Read More

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