What’s the big deal about wood sitting on a bed? Here’s all you need to know about the man bigger than Corona

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you haven’t seen it by now chances are you might never do so here is your chance. Type ‘wood sitting on a bed’ on your search engine. The first … Read More

6 Do and Dont’s during Coronavirus pandemic to remain productive and feel alive

Reading Time: 5 minutes As the world slowly limps towards beating the coronavirus and finally develop a vaccine for Covid-19 most of us are stuck at home. While in isolation we all know how … Read More

Adnan Khashoggi: Sleep and walk in the steps of the greatest whoremonger in the world in Kenya

Reading Time: 4 minutes The next time you’re in Kenya you might what to visit the now world-famous Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. Few places in the world have hosted some of the world’s … Read More

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