Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - 5 African women who turned deadly

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – 5 African women who turned deadly

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5 notorious deadly women

In case you didn’t know, women too can get lethal! They kill for love, revenge, self-defense, etc. but it gets even scarier when money appears to be the motive. 

Women are often seen as caregivers and society tends to believe that they cannot engage in such dreadful activities. Judy Buenoano, known as ‘Black Widow’ is known worldwide and has inspired several mentions in articles and even songs such as Iggy Azalea x Rita Ora hit from 2014 -Black Widow. 

Buenoano’ Black Widow’ was executed in an electric chair in 1998 after being convicted for poisoning her husband with arsenic, drowning her partially paralyzed son, and attempting to kill her fiance with a car bomb. Her motive: Get $240,000 as insurance money. 

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In Africa, women have proved time and time again that they could kill you, and this time, not with their looks. Here are Africa’s most notorious female murderers: 

Corporal Caro from Kenya

The epitome of audacity! In July 2021, a 34-year-old female officer, known as Corporal Carolyne Kangogo murdered a colleague inside his car, at the Kasarani police station parking lot in Nakuru. On the same day, she reappeared in Kiambu, where she shot another man in the face at point-blank range. 

Sister Credonia from Uganda

Sister Credonia Mwerinde. Yes! A sister and allegedly a former prostitute! Credonia was the leader of the Ugandan Marianist Cult of the Movement for the Restoration of the 10 commandments. On March 17, 2000 hundreds of people were reportedly killed by Credonia. 738 people lost their lives after being locked in an ‘ark’, as instructed by her, to pray as the world was coming to an end. She set the structure on fire and then disappeared. 

Jumai Hassan from Nigeria

Most Nigerian women are highly religious. This is in contrast to the reported ritual-linked killing of 51 people by a 13-year-old girl known as Jumai Hassan. Jumai confessed to being part of a cult and revealed that she killed her father since he was ‘stopping her from killing her grandmother’. She was arrested in July 2017. 

Double trouble from Egypt

You must have fantasized about these sexy Egyptian women, often described as youthful, beautiful, and slim with narrow hips. This could just be the perfect combination for ‘how to get away with murder’. On May 16, 1921, two women by the names of Raya and Sakina Ali Hammam, traveled from Upper Egypt to kill at least 17 women in Alexandria. They were smart and always covered their tracks after every murder until  Sakina’s landlord made a sudden move that solved the mystery of the disappearing women. Their story spread like wildfire and even inspired Oscar-winning Irish writer-director Terry George and celebrated Egyptian author and scriptwriter Mariam Naoum to team up to draft a new thriller TV series titled ‘The Alexandria Killings’. 


In June 2014, at a small village in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, a 32-year-old Zimbabwean woman was reported to have murdered her 2 children and a cousin’s child by poisoning them with pesticide before committing suicide. Despite never showing any signs of mental illness, these were not her first murders. It is reported that she had killed her own newborns in 2011 and 2012. 

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