Sababu Za Hawara Kujiunga Na Wasichana Wasindikizi Mtandaoni

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lo! Biashara za kuuza ngono barabarani na vichochoroni ni ngumu siku hizi. Heri nijiunge na warambo hodari mtandaoni   Biashara za ngono hazijaanza juzi, zimekuwepo kutoka zama za jadi. Ukisoma … Read More

How to book an escort like a pro: Tips on getting laid from contacting to talking to a sex worker

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to hook up with an escort You have the money, the time and yet you are still nursing your big blue balls. Where are all the women when you … Read More

(VIDEO) Kenya bans gay film – I Am Samuel -, rates it blasphemous and demeaning of Christianity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya says no to being gay Movie lovers based in Kenya will not be able to watch a drama-documentary that delves into male sexuality and identity. The Kenya Film Classification … Read More

“Are you a sex seller, don’t you know you are spoiling this country? Mayor taunts sex worker live on Facebook

Reading Time: 2 minutes South Sudan and Sex workers Doing business more so sex work in Africa‘s youngest nation, South Sudan, is not for the faith-hearted. In South Sudan, sex work, along with running … Read More

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