mistakes that most men make in bed

10 Common Mistakes That Most Men Make In Bed

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Men Should Avoid Making These Mistakes In Bed.

Men who don't shave before sex are a huge turn off
Men who don’t shave before sex are a huge turn-off
You’ve got her as far as your bedroom and now she doesn’t return or pick up your calls. What could have possibly gone wrong between the sheets? Here are the top common mistakes you should avoid making during sexual intercourse:

1. Pursuing Her Only in Bed

Pursuing a woman shouldn’t begin between the sheets. It begins right when you slide into her inbox and send her flirtatious messages during the day, call her during the day and send flowers to her at work.

2. Not Talking To Her About What She Likes

Before you hop into bed, you should have some time to have that needed sexy talk and understand both of your sexual needs. It’s good to know your partner’s sensitivities and limits.

3. Not Asking For Feedback After Sex

Men should ask for feedback after sex in the most decent manner
Men should ask for feedback after sex in the most decent manner

Asking for feedback after sex is a sure way to improve your sex life. If your woman is a bit sceptical about giving you feedback, it is important to make her understand that you desire to know her better and understand what makes her aroused in order to improve your sex life.

4. Twiddling A Woman’s Nipples

Men need to understand that women’s nipples are sensitive hence you should handle them gently. Several men handle them like radio dials forgetting they need some tenderness and love.

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5. Blowing In Her Ears.

There’s something about erotic whispering that makes a woman want to fuck with you for hours on end. If you can’t do it right, you should steer clear away from it because you may kill the whole sex mood. Huffing and puffing in a woman’s ears as if you want to blow down the house is such a mood killer!

6. Not Trashing Used Condoms

men should dispose used condoms
men should dispose of used condoms

Women sweat a lot trying to keep the house in order and dispose of trash in the house. Why should they sweat as they rack their brains on how to dispose of a used condom? Can the wearer of the condom trash it already?

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7. Stopping For A Break

Once you get your woman in the mood why would you want to give her unnecessary breaks even before she gets off? My mind screams unfair, uncouth and barbaric! Women are not like men for crying out loud. They can’t  “pick up from where they left off.” As soon as you stop, they go to square one and you’ll have to work to put her in the mood.

8. Nugging Her Head Down

There’s a lot of desperation that comes with pinning a woman’s head to your crotch if you are yearning for a blowjob. If you ate her pussy right, extending the favour to you will come naturally. She will suck your dick like a pro if she loves you deep enough and enjoys oral sex as well. Don’t involve an element of force.

9. Giving Love Bites

love bites may cause pain and spread infections
Love bites may cause pain and spread infections

Nibbling on the sides of a  woman’s neck is darn sexy and erotic. However, love bites can be painful and may cause infections. Trust me your woman doesn’t want to be walking around in polo necks on extra hot afternoons. Don’t bite!

10. Pumping In Too Fast

When pumping in your woman’s pussy,  keep in mind that you are not in an Olympic competition. As such you need to build up slowly as you get your woman to orgasm.No need to pump in her like a hydraulic power tool!

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