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Risks Of “Pull Out Method” And How To Make It More Effective

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What Is The Pull-out Method and How Does It Work?

pull out method is not 100% effective
pull out method is not 100% effective

If you are looking to get closer and personal with your partner, the pulling-out method is one of the cheapest and easiest methods you can go for. This method however is not foolproof in preventing pregnancy. According to the Office on Women’s Health (OWH), about 22 in every 100 people get pregnant each year using the pull-out method as their only form of birth control, greatist.com reports.

Using The Pull-out Method Effectively


This chemical can immobilize and kill sperm therefore you can combine it with other birth control methods. It comes in many forms including foam, cream and jelly.

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Proper Timing

The withdrawal method is more about proper timing. You must pull out the penis before ejaculation for it to be effective. You can try practising this method by masturbating for you to learn about your body’s cum cues.

Communicate With Your Partner

Make sure to communicate with your partner about the potential risks of using this method of birth control. Make sure you and your partner are comfortable with it and the risks that come with it before you hop onto it.

Use A Diaphragm or Birth control Sponge


Adding an extra safety bonus can make you feel free to have a skin-on-skin sensation. The diaphragm will block sperm from reaching the egg while the sponge contains a spermicide which in turn will prevent pregnancy.

Risks Of Using the Pull-Out Method During Intercourse

Risks Of Contracting STIs

The pull-out method does not prevent one from contracting an STI as such it is important to discuss with your partner barrier methods like using condoms for safer sex. Even if you use protection during sex it is necessary to go for testing for STIs.

Risks Of Unwanted Pregnancy

birth control sponge prevents pregnancy
birth control sponge prevents pregnancy

Dr Anju Hajari, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, at Surya Hospitals, says that the pull-out method is a rudimentary form of birth control with a very high failure rate.” Dr Anju further warns about the pregnancy-causing potential of a man’s pre-ejaculation fluid asserting that they have sperms too and are likely to make a woman fall pregnant.

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Other Contraception Methods You Can Use During Sex

Emergency Pill

Since you are now certain that the pull-out method is not effective in preventing pregnancy you can try these other methods of contraception. The emergency pill reduces the chances of pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Using it on a daily basis is not recommended as it may cause hormonal imbalance in the body.

Intrauterine Device

it is a long-lasting method of birth control that can stay in place for up to a decade depending on the type. it can also be an effective emergency contraception if it is used within five days of having unprotected sex. IUDs containing copper are 99% effective while those that contain hormones are 99.8% effective.

Contraceptive Ring

contraceptive ring
contraceptive ring

This is a flexible plastic ring that constantly releases hormones  progesterone and oestrogen used in oral contraceptives but in lower doses. It is placed in the vagina for about three weeks before it is removed after taking a one week off.

In conclusion

The pull-out method is not the most effective method of birth control. It has a 22% per cent failure rate and it can not prevent you from STIs even if  some people use it perfectly every single time they have sexual intercourse. More effective methods of birth control like pills, IUDs and condoms are likely to give you more odds of pregnancy prevention.

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