(SEX VIDEO) Indian Actress Akshara Singh Addresses Leaked Bedroom Video Says She Remains Unbothered

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Actress Akshara Singh Seems Unbothered by Her Trending Bedroom Video

Bhojpuri actors and actresses have been making headlines for various reasons including contentious ones. The most recent one making headlines is a Bhojpuri actress, Akshara Singh.

Akshara Signh and Husband
Akshara Singh and Husband

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According to sources, Singhs’ alleged bedroom tape with her boyfriend went viral on Telegram and Reddit a thing that was not welcomed by netizens who attacked the Bhojpuri actress. Speaking about the leaked MMS the actress said,

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“Whoever did such an act, I do not care about all these things. You want to know, am I in this viral video? I’m not one to cry over small antics like this, which doesn’t bother me.”

Indian actress
Indian actress Akshara Singh.

The actress is not new to causing a stir on social media. Recently, Netizens praised her when a photo of her in a bathrobe went viral. Netizens applauded her for making a daring move. She is not new to provocative moves so it is not surprising to see her in a hot role now in her leaked MMS.

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Akshara Singh is a famous Bhojpuri performer with a large following and many followers tend to admire her consistently giving her props for doing her work well

She is not only adored by Bhojpuri speakers but also globally. Many internet users have taken to Youtube to watch her music videos since she gained popularity with the trending MMS videos alongside Pawan Singh.

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People admire the two due to their undeniable sex chemistry. Since their fans always want to watch them together, whenever they post their videos, they automatically go viral. Pawan Singh recently went viral when he was captured caressing Akshara Singh on the neck.

Akshara has starred in Hindi series, including “Porus.” “Service Wali Bahu,” “Suryaputra Karn,”  and  “Kaala Teeka,” In 2021 she made an appearance on Karn Johar’s Bigg Boss OTT.

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(SEX VIDEO) Indian Actress Akshara Singh Addresses Leaked Bedroom Video Says She Remains Unbothered 1 650

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