Celebrities' nudes leak 2023

Celebrity Nude Leaks 2023: (PHOTOS& VIDEOS) Boutross Munene, Manzi wa Kibera, Mai Denzel and Laide Bakare Sexy Nudes.

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Top Celebrities Whose Nudes Have Gone Viral In 2023

This year has started with a bang as some celebrities could not resist showing their sexy side to the world. Here are celebrities whose nudes have leaked in 2023:

Mai Denzel

Mai Denzel nudes
Mai Denzel nudes

Mai Denzel, a Harare-based woman has been on the trends after her sexy nudes and videos went viral. The woman who was cheating on her husband with two other men ended her first extramarital affair with a side guy who got infuriated and in turn shared her nude photos on the internet.

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Denzel confessed to cheating on her husband, on the phone she is heard saying, ” “I was dating someone, so I later dumped him and started dating another one. I didn’t know they knew each other. So, he discovered the affair and told my husband.”

Laide Bakare

Netizens and fans of Laide Bakare are still looking out for Bakare’s nudes which seem to have been hidden away from the online community. There are some sexy photos of the celebrity that trended online hence raising curiosity among her fans. The sexy beauty took to her Instagram page to deny claims that her nudes surfaced online.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, she wrote, “I never have and will never share my
nude pictures with anyone. Not even in my long acting career have I accepted a nude role. I am an actress, movie producer, and role model of international standing with over 2 decades of hard-earned reputation. In defense of this profile and in order not to grant victory to evil-doers, I am now taking steps to bring in law enforcement and cyber security experts in Nigeria and Internationally to get to the root of this malicious act and bring the shameless perpetrators to justice”

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laide bakare
laide bakare


laide bakare sexy nudes
Laide Bakare’s sexy nudes

Boutross Munene

Kenyan rapper Boutross Munene has finally talked about his intimate photos that are trending online. During an interview with Ankali Ray, he admitted that the photos going around are his but the scenario is different.
He revealed that the photos were taken about four years ago by a video vixen who took advantage of him further adding that he didn’t have a problem with the sexy nudes circulating online. I don’t have a problem with the photos because I did nothing wrong I was just a human and someone took advantage of the situation.”


Boutross Munene
Boutross Munene

Manzi wa Kibera

Kenyan socialite’s nude videos went viral this year leaving her fans salivating. Videos of her sucking a big black cock and also having sex on doggy sex position have also gone viral.



Manzi wa Kibera sucking a big black cock

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Celebrity Nude Leaks 2023: (PHOTOS& VIDEOS) Boutross Munene, Manzi wa Kibera, Mai Denzel and Laide Bakare Sexy Nudes. 1 12710

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