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How To Last Longer In Bed: Men’s Guide

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It’s Never Too Early for the Cock! Get Her Addicted

How To Last Longer In Bed: Men's Guide 1

A man should be the last to breathe during coitus. Relax, don’t be in a hurry to shoot, let the target be immobile first, before you hit it. Just project and aim well, allowing the bird to attract her flock. You never know, you may kill three birds with one bullet. Hold your breath boy, and continue pounding until her facial expressions metamorphose into full-body spasmodic movements. 

She is the target, let her misfire as you take cover. When her ammunition is eventually over and out, shoot her down with one precise hit. Let her be seized by a spell of giggles, panting, and moaning. You must ultimately be engulfed in a crescendo that makes every neighbour want to witness the action.

Your Neighbours Are Grooving Along

Neighbours must reduce the volume of their radio and tune in to the fine erotic radio frequency emanating from your house. Have you ever made your female neighbours rush to borrow a movie from you, in the middle of the night, even when they don’t have a TV set? Hilarious still, when after the action you open your house door to catch some fresh air, you might have found all your neighbours awake and standing outside in the wee hours of the morning.  All this, so as to throw a glimpse at the lucky girl and her macho man.

Ensure that all your male neighbours are envious of your magical prowess. Sexual sounds are infectious. Even the sexually dull guy will definitely up his game at the slightest sound of a ready-to-cum-lady. 

There are some common jokes about lasting longer in bed such as, “You owe no one an orgasm.” Yes and indeed you do owe your sexual partner the impetus to ululate during bedminton. As a man, you are the DJ. You must be able to play music that entices revellers. Your dick, tongue and fingers are your hype masters, and your woman is the party goer who is waiting for a sporadic moment of frenzy. The DJ must be the last person to leave the stage. 

Why The Man Should Last Longer Than The Woman

# 1. Depicts The Man As The Domineering Partner and The Woman as The Submissive Partner

Women are to be dominated sexually. Whether you will find this as being male masochism or otherwise, the truth remains that domineering men have their territories secured.  Sex is such a powerful tool that even rich ladies spend a fortune to enjoy it. If you last longer than your woman, you will not need to scribble rules for her to follow, she will automatically align with your purpose in life. Lasting longer means you have great endurance. Tell me which woman will rebel against a man with such great endurance?

# 2. Lasting Longer Definitely Quenches Your Woman’s Erotic Thirst

Sex that sounds like quickies doesn’t really quench thirst but acts as a precursor to a major unfolding. Be careful, if that is what you do to your woman. If you give her a quickie in the morning before going to work and leave her behind, you might as well be doing the forerunner for your sneaky flirtatious male neighbour. He will pop in to do the final touches.

# 3. Lasting Longer Reinforces Intimacy 

There are so many things that go on during sex. There are intimate conversations, moments of silence, discovery, and so forth. Certain conversations are better delivered during sexual intercourse than during other times. It is during longer sexual intercourse that your woman is thrown into high spirits where she can confide in you, and reveal the best-kept secrets that you need to know. Imagine a scenario where the intercourse lasts like a quickie in a club, along a road or on a crop plantation. Underlying feelings will be overtaken by the heat of the moment.

# 4. It Helps Release Enough Female Oxytocin 

Oxytocin is a hormone that helps to calm nerves. Therefore hurried sexual intercourse will not sufficiently enhance the release of oxytocin. Show me a man who doesn’t enjoy the presence of a calm woman, and I will show you a man who cocks and shoots so fast. 

Tactics for Lasting Longer In Bed

Though lasting longer during sexual intercourse is considered relative and subjective, objective studies carried out in the course of this debate show that seven to thirteen minutes of a penetrative sexual round is long enough. However, if your woman cums after two minutes, then coming after her will be automatically considered “lasting longer than her.”

  1. Learn To Engage In Foreplay Before Penetrative Sex

How To Last Longer In Bed: Men's Guide 2

Don’t be in a rush to penetrate, unless it is a quickie. Where it concerns foreplay, there are so many ways in which to skin a rat or is it a cat? Whatever animal you like skinning, is none of our business. Female body anatomy is much more complicated than male one. So before you engage in penile-vaginal intercourse, make sure you understand other just as important erogenous organs of a woman.

Organs such as the clitoris, ear, nipple, inner thigh, breasts, lips, neck, fingers, buttocks, calves, and even to some women, the nose, are vital points of call before penetrative sex. Touch her lips, whisper sweet nothings in her ears, spank her hind, squeeze her breasts, caress her thighs inside out, lick her neck, smooch her lips, tap and pull her clit, slightly bite her earlobes, etc., as she boils up.

Another very important thing to do during foreplay is the time taken to undress. Take your time to remove her clothes. It is an apocalypse situation, so just undress her romantically while affirming her sense of fashion and beauty. Let her give up waiting and tear her clothes apart. 

Also allow her to take the lead when she insists. Remember as a man, you are the last man to be left standing. Let her rush through and realise her fantasies. She can actually help you to pinpoint her core pleasure points.

  1. Be Spontaneous And Unpredictable

Remember the song Dr. Ring Ding? Learn to be terrible. Thrust and unplug your metal from her receptacle. This is like lights on, lights off. Push in and pull out. Make her want it in there. Random moves help, let her not predict your moves. Predictable is boring. While doing this, you are allowing her mind to start fantasizing about the next move, this will equally engage her other vital erogenous organs. Before you know it, she is blowing up.

  1. Switch Between Your Dick, Fingers and Tongue

Whenever you feel like you are about to fire, you can start using your finger. Touch all the corners of her cookie jar. Finger-fucking helps you cool the steam. Do some cunnilingus if you both are comfortable with it.

  1. Be Clean Before Sex

If it’s not a quickie with some random person, then just take time to freshen up. Good smell during sex is a turn-on. So you should also prevail upon her to be clean. The bad odour will make you want to just come fast and dismount, leaving her high and dry. 

  1. Change Styles

Everyone has that sex style that speeds up the cum. There are men who cannot resist the thrill that comes with doggy style or missionaries. If you have one particular style that makes you wanna release too early, avoid it at all costs. On the other hand, if there is a sex style that makes your woman wet and unleash cum easily, subject her to it. The essence is for her to cum before you do.

  1. Involve Edging

Edging is also known as the stop-start method. This helps you slow down the cum process. You can hit it hard, moderately,  slowly, and then stop. Pull out and focus on her other parts of the body. You can talk to her and praise how sweet she is, how beautiful she looks when naked, etc. You are taking her back to foreplay again.

  1. Kegels

Although common among women, even men can practise kegel or pelvic floor exercises. One best method of kegel exercises is by subjecting your penis to  intermittent urine flow. During peeing, stop urinating midstream for a few seconds or even a minute if you have all the time to do that. 

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