4 tips to help you negotiate with clients and make a kill.

EscortsHacks: 4 tips to help you negotiate with clients and make a kill

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Haggling is the language of business

A bad deal or a good deal always boils down to one thing – your negotiation skills. As an escort, clients will always want to pay less for more and you gotta be on top of your game.

3 reasons as to why you need to master the art of negotiation

1. Clients will always offer less money than you ask.

Its Human nature, we just can’t resist getting the best deal out of any situation. Buying and selling come with a lot of haggling and sex work is not any different. Most clients will offer half of what you ask for. So what do you do in such a situation? Be smart and ask for a higher price to give room for haggling – If you want $100, ask for $200. Alternatively, ask the client how much they are willing to spend and counter. If they give a lower rate, ask them to add extra money for more value.

2. Sellers will always want to earn more for their products/services.

Almost everyone wants to make a profit in business so don’t be offended when clients offer less money. Instead of brushing them off as ‘cheap clients’, talk about the value you are providing.

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Some clients want to build trust before eventually making a purchase decision. It is like window shopping. Some people buy immediately while others take time to decide. Be patient with clients. Some of those who take days talking to you eventually pay handsomely. This is why it is essentially important to take a professional or recreational course that can add value to your clients.

3. How much you make is pegged on your negotiation skills.

While talking to clients, don’t be aggressive or rude. Be courteous and show that you are interested to offer help. Let them want to meet up just by making them feel in control.

Do not pre-qualify your leads – Avoid blocking or rejecting people just because of how cheap they look. Looks can be deceiving, and oftentimes, opportunities come dressed in overalls. Respond to every ‘hi’ and ‘smile’, as long as they are not wasting your time. If they are taking long to make up their minds, ask them politely to compensate you for your time.

In your line of work, you will always encounter difficult clients who insist on paying peanuts for your services/products and that’s why you need to be on top of your game.

Video: 4 negotiation tricks for escorts

Watch this video to help you master the art of negotiating with clients and make a kill.


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