How to Reduce The Hook-Up Business In Nigeria

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Hookup is the act of indulging in sexual acts with men mainly for money or material needs. Hookup has been in existence for a long time but has now adopted a modernized name.

Ladies in colleges and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria have taken up hookups as their source of livelihood. Initially, girls in higher institutions engaging in prostitution were labelled Aristo mostly because most of their clients were sugar daddies.

Hookup girls take up features of prostitutes and Aristos. First and foremost they engage in sex for money and they are not restricted to any age grade and whoever can pay for the charge gets the girl.

Business owners can operate on multiple online platforms where prospective clients can make bookings. It is so common that sex workers have their bodies, locations and contact details on the platforms for patronage and easy recognition.

Why Do Ladies Do Hookup?

According to The Hope Investigation, the hookup business isn’t restricted to ladies in higher institutions but is a trade for young girls even for those as young as seventeen years. According to the investigation, the girls were charged N5,000 and N25,000.

In interaction with some of the ladies, The Hope discovered that financial crunch is the major factor attributed to the immoral business, just as it is attributed to major crimes and nefarious activities in the country.

Based on their interaction with some of the ladies, The Hope discovered that the financial crunch majorly contributed to the immoral business in the country. Their research further revealed that some ladies in this hookup business are from wealthy families.

A student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic shared with The Hope that her dire economic situation forced her into the business. She stated that losing her father pushed her into the hookup business,

“I lost my father at the age of fifteen when I was in secondary school. Things have been so tough and I am the first child of the family, with three siblings; two boys and a girl.

My mom has not been able to work for many years now, even before the death of my father due to a transient ischemic attack (TIA) illness. So I have been the one taking care of the family since I gained admission into the polytechnic.”

Why Hookup May Not Be The Best Option

Sense of Emptiness

If you’ve done hookups in the past, you might remember waking up with a sense of guilt and shame. All of us have weak moments, where we give in to our needs. Your subconscious self may not respect you after a hookup. Reckless sex with just anybody you come across will not help with the emotional void you are experiencing. That void can only be filled by learning to enjoy your own company.

Degraded Mental Health

As per the American Psychological Association, a web-based study of 1,468 undergraduate students who indulged in hookups frequently was performed and participants of the study reported a variety of consequences.

According to the study, 27.1% felt embarrassed, 20.8% experienced disrespect, 24.7% reported emotional challenges and 10% reported difficulties with a steady partner.

Hook-up regret is common among young people, and you know regrets don’t feel fulfilled at all. None of the named consequences can cause a betterment in mental health. A sense of shame associated with the hookup culture may take a huge toll on it.

The usage of recreational drugs may put you in a state of bliss until the intoxication lasts, similarly, a hookup may give you a sense of companionship for a limited time.

How to Reduce The Hook-Up Business In Nigeria 1
Hookups are common among young people in Nigeria

Relationships encounters are supposed to keep your mental state stable, therefore if it brings a multitude of negative emotions due to guilt and embarrassment, keeping such relationships at bay might be a good idea.

Drop in Patience

A proper relationship takes time and energy to build. For you to nourish and nurture a relationship, you have to be understanding and be there for your significant other. There tends to be a decline in patience when building a relationship because of the multiple options available.

The drop in patience may cause trouble in creating long-lasting relationships especially where sex isn’t easy to attain. Forming a meaningful relationship requires a lot of effort and patience. Cheap sex is only going to push you further away from forming relationships with deeper and stronger bonds.

Escape Mechanism

If you are feeling trapped with yourself and decide to rid of the loneliness by swiping right and getting away with a hookup, how many times will you be able to run away? You are most likely going to feel desolate even after settling for the late-night booty calls.

Isn’t it advisable to conserve your sexual prowess and utilize the sexual energy into something worthwhile? And if you come across new people seeking companionship other than booty calls is more meaningful.

Random sexual encounters may take away your loneliness as it’s not the best approach. Having sex with someone you aren’t involved with romantically, is likely to desiccate a vital form of energy from you.

Hookup Business and HIV/AIDS

WHO stated that female sex workers worldwide are estimated to be 30 times more likely to be living with the virus compared to other women who have hit the reproductive age.

In 2019, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDs estimated a prevalence of 36% among prostitutes. The estimated prevalence of active Syphilis among sex workers is a range of 5.8 to 30.3 %.

While little is known about the incidence or prevalence of the remaining STIs among prostitutes, increased rates of prostitutes have been noted in different countries across the globe. The Global Health Organization stated that prostitutes face high levels of criminalization and stigma everywhere.

WHO insisted that decriminalizing prostitution could contribute to a 46% reduction in new HIV infections among prostitutes over ten years while eliminating sexual violence against prostitutes could lead to a reduction in new HIV infections by 20%.

How To Reduce Hook-ups In Nigeria

Social Engineering

If you want women in your society to be chaste, it’s men’s responsibility in that society to set certain moral standards.That’s why young ladies based in the North are not open to practising hookup culture as compared to those in the South.Even some pars are more stricter than others. It’s the task of men to set the standards when it comes to such issues.

A recent Facebook post, In one of the states based in the south ,depicts husbands or older men sleeping with young girls who had just completed WASSCE/SSCE. When people practise this while counterparts in the North marry the same girl off, what you are telling that girl is that she can charge for sex.

Reduce The Poverty Levels

The poorer a society is the higher the number of women engaging in sex work. Women are demisexual and is likely to resort to sex work.Patronising hookups is less expensivin poorer countries while compared to rich countries.The solution is  to make sure your society is prosperous.

How to Reduce The Hook-Up Business In Nigeria 2
The poorer the nation the higher the number of sex workers

Women in that country will thus have fewer reasons to pertake in sex work. Fewer reasons since hook-ups still exist in rich and prosperous societies.Remember sex is natural. There is a demand and the demand will definitely not exist in a vacuum.

Reduce Cases Of Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is a form  of crime that’s present in almost every part of the world.Some governments may legalise sex work and go ahead to offer health services and also taxes them. Sex is a natural phenomenon in which both animals and humans indulge. Outlawing people having sex is not possible.

In conclusion, the demand for sex is rising and is consistent. So long as men crave sex and women are the only suppliers , probably there’s nothing to be done. For hookups to reduce, Nigerian men should reduce their quest to have hookups.

As long as men create the system women will automatically integrate into it. Women who are into the hookup business attain more than 30 years of age the demand for their services declines since sexual service is tied to age and how old or young a woman is. As a result the hookup is either forced to accept lower fees or to retire, since all her clients who are men either stop patronising her or offer less cash.

It’s a biological fact that men will always yearn sex more than men do and it’s only  women who can quench this thirst. Some people may claim it’s because of greed, however if one owns something that’s not banned by the government  won’t you charge huge prices for it? The demand for sex is persistent and consistent.

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